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Sat 12 Jan 2019
at 06:02
Order of the Rose
The Order of the Rose functions as the government for the Nation-State that is Valonia. Rose factions cover the major aspects of government, both civil and military. Only a few percent of people ever join the Order, and entry is by invitation only. Entrance isn't mandatory if offered, though very few decline.

The Order of the Rose goes back farther than anyone can remember, and information before that time is hard to get at best, and usually fake. This campaign will involve revealing that history and the consequences of it being revealed. The players can expect Dungeon Crawling, Investigation, and Social Interaction to be required for completion. The amount of puzzles, open combat, and survival aspects of the game will be based on interest of the players.

About the DM:
I have been playing D&D for over 2 decades now, and DMing for most of that. I have had a RL game that ran for years, and just wrapped up another one that ran nearly a year (we had to finish up due to some of the players moving) and thus I have the time to run a game on here.

This is a DND 3.5 game, in a custom setting. Starting level will be 4. Looking for only 4 players, with all classic roles filled (not necessarily the standard 4 classes). See the game for more information.
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Sat 19 Jan 2019
at 16:05
Order of the Rose
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Game: Dawn of the Guard.
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  • The GM considers the game to be solely owned by them. ?

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