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Armies, cards, and the preventing an ultimate divine tyranny
The world of Sylvane is the heart of the mortal world. Even elves and the undead cannot live forever, and succumb to mortality of decay. The other worlds; the Netherworld, the Kingdom Plane, the Underworld, and the Battleheart are all accessible, but only to those that find the key to the portals otherwise hidden.

The world of Sylvane is large, and on it are an unknown number of shrines that connect it other worlds. There are many types of people, "mortals" by classic terms, that inhabit the world. Mages, Priests, Warriors and Hunters are the high class of these mortals. Among even these are the elite; necromancers, shamans, druids and cantors are the rare (though not rarest) of the magical adepts; and barbarians, rangers, scouts, assassins are the martial adepts. There also exist the most rare; the illusionists, the (TBA), paladins, and bards make up what is <i>almost
the most scarce of the powers that rule Sylvane. These powers, are the Warlords.</i>

YOU are a warlord. Not necessarily by choice. Perhaps you abhor war, but face it all the same. Your allies are few, but more will come to your aid and perhaps among them are the staunchest...though some may yet be traitors as well.

You are tasked to the divine sanction of the Rulers, the most powerful beings of the Kingdom Plane whom give edicts to the warlords. Much like the Warlords themselves, the few rulers are not allies, and some are even sternly opposed.

Today, the Riddemarck on the Kingdom plane has been invaded, and the Ruler known as Resun, most amicable Ruler of Sylvane itself,  has been killed. The vi for Emperor of the world of Sylvane is in full motion. Now war has come. A game of thrones in play, and not all wish to see a Ruler reign supreme of the entire world; through authority comes oppression. Still others, most vile hearted, wish their ruler to be King, and through them they will inherent the throne in the City of Kings.

With Resun gone, his most faithful of the tolerance and ambivalent Ruler; have  called to a few Warlords who would see the world divided by the likemind, and not cast under universal totalitarian reign. What follows are the battles that find your Cosmic Order, the few warlords under the Mystics.

Will you aim to shatter the world further, maintain the Leylines of Sylvane, take sanctuary on another world entirely, or find the City of Kings and ascend to Resun's place to maintain his non-aggression and neutrality? The choice is not your's alone, but you will have a hand in the casting of fate's net.

Decree your Order! The armies have rallied!

Interest and willingness to be flexible with posting rate is all that's required to RTJ. Knowledge is optional, I can teach people if they are willing to learn.

This game will have two systems. One will be for combat; using the Warlord TCG, with alternate starting army structure, and items will be carried from battle to battle.

Your character sheet will have both your warlord picture (which I will custom edit, unless you do choose to [which I can teach you if you want]) as welll as your non-combat attributes.

We will use an under the hood system that I will handle by asking plain-speak questions and giving you plan-speak description of those powers.

There will be growth in both areas; combat and non-combat with about an equal devotion.