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Sat 12 Jan 2019
at 22:50
Revisiting the Classics
Basic/BECMI D&D is not a great system by modern standards.  It had some unintuitive rules, some severe class imbalances, limited character options, and some severe difficulty, especially at low levels.  But despite all that, it was still a significant system.  It served as an introduction to tabletop roleplaying for countless people and is possibly the best-selling game of its kind.  Plus, it featured a progression not seen in many games since, with player characters progressing from fragile rookies into dragon-slaying land-owners, and eventually into godlike immortals, with mechanics to support all of it.  So let's take a crack at reliving the glory days of the original RPG.

Sort of.  The game we'll actually be playing is Darker Dungeons.

Dark Dungeons was created as a modified retro-clone of BECMI D&D, with a few house rules added to clean it up.  Darker Dungeons, published a couple years later by the same author, is a more modified version of the same.  It includes more house rules (including a new class), as well as somewhat cleaner mechanics and a core mechanic (d20 + bonus, try to roll 20+).  I like most of the changes it makes, and it's still compatible with original BECMI adventure modules, so it's what I plan to run.  We'll play through a series of classic modules published by TSR.

I'll be taking up to six players for this game.  Familiarity (or lack thereof) with the system, its progenitor, or the modules is immaterial; as long as you're willing to learn the rules and play the game, we're good.  If you're interested, go check out the game!

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Wed 16 Jan 2019
at 09:29
Revisiting the Classics
Come on people - get on the boat! :)
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