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 member, 13 posts
Sat 2 Mar 2019
at 23:02
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
Well yeah... this game is always going to be open for new players.

Come and join soccer hooligans coming to terms with their sexuality, drug dealing punks and desolate junkies.  Enter a world of lonely taxi drivers lost in their thoughts and a life that could be as they spend their early hours on the road.  See the sqauddie return home to find his family has fallen apart, meet the nice ice cream lady who barely knows what she has got in to.  The stranger in a strange land, invisible and liking it that way....

With supporting NPC's to fill out the setting and locations evocative of the era this is a fantastic opportunity for creative writers wanting a setting filled with humour and camaraderie, yet also rooted in the struggle of the dispossessed, living in a time changing rapidly and not caring about the human wreckage left behind.
 member, 14 posts
Sat 9 Mar 2019
at 23:18
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
Always open for writers with a thirst for social realism and a need to tell stories.  Enter a gritty world which has plenty of space for love and humour.  Come and hang out on the street, down the pub or in the squatted out space where those who don't want to be found live.
 member, 15 posts
Sun 17 Mar 2019
at 08:39
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
"Housewives and prostitutes
Plumbers in boiler suits
Truants in coffee bars
Who think you're alone
Big men on building sites
Sick men in dressing gowns
Agents in motor cars
Who never go home
Women in factories
One parent families
Women in purdah
Persons unknown"

Poison Girls - Persons Unknown

Come and join persons unknown, waiting for their stories to be told.  Pretty sure we are all going to end up in the pub soon so it's easy to jump in.
 member, 16 posts
Sun 24 Mar 2019
at 09:35
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
An upstanding member of the community has just met his demise.  Come join us and pay your respects at his wake.

Alcohol and grudges to settle welcome.
 member, 17 posts
Sun 31 Mar 2019
at 11:56
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
'Stop me, stop me, oh stop me....Stop me if you think if you've heard this one before....'

Always open for writers with a need to provide a voice for the voiceless.

Now is a good time to jump in as we all lament the loss of local philanthropist and alleged gangster Gerry Geoghan.
 member, 18 posts
Sun 7 Apr 2019
at 12:07
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
Always open for writers who want to explore living in the concrete jungle.  They call us junkies, the underclass, the scroungers and the skivers, the criminals and hooligans and crass.

But we are beautiful.  Yes we stumble but we get a hand up (and offer one too).  People say they don't understand is, but they don't know us.

Our voice is loud, coarse and strong!  But our stories will be told!
 member, 19 posts
Sun 14 Apr 2019
at 12:11
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
In 1983 Kajagoogoo sang, 'Too Shy'. Don't be shy, come and dip your toes into a gritty world of social deprivation and fighting back.  Where the only thing sharper than the razors in the night is the wit of the men and women who live in the grey, litter strewn streets.
 member, 20 posts
Sun 21 Apr 2019
at 12:43
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
The Kitchen Sink is always open for roleplayers wanting to tell creative stories examining what it is to be human, what it is that makes us tick or just go for a pint in the pub.
 member, 21 posts
Sun 28 Apr 2019
at 12:48
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
We are always open for writers wanting to explore the beauty and challenges of life in the 80's.

As society was deemed not to exist there remains communities surviving and clinging on, showing solidarity amongst each other.

Come and join us!
 member, 22 posts
Sun 5 May 2019
at 12:58
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
"Oi!  You!  Get out, you're barred!"

No, not you.  You're alright.  It's that troublemaker over there who is barred.  No, you're alright.

Why don't you come in?  I can see you are curious.  I know you have a character whose story needs to be told....

Come on in and I'll put the kettle on...
 member, 23 posts
Sun 12 May 2019
at 13:01
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
Always open for roleplayers and writers wanting to give voice to those who are unheard.

Come and say hello if you want!
 member, 24 posts
Sun 19 May 2019
at 15:08
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
"Come and join us, come and join uusss, come and join us over 'ere"

No, this is not the bloodcurdling chant of 500 rabid Shaddingham fans threatening to beat you up.  Rather, it's a humble request for strorytellers and roleplayers to come and join a game filled with drama, and stress, drugs and booze.  A game where finding ones' true self is hard to find.  Where laughs and friendships thrive despite it all.
 member, 25 posts
Sun 26 May 2019
at 15:18
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
There's always room for one more.  A chair pulled up at the table in the pub.  A place to stop and chat and talk about what happened to, 'poor Gerry'.

Just watch out for the dodgy drug dealer in the corner, or the girl who hides a terrible secret.  Or the inspector from the DSS who has clocked you working on the side...

We're a small, but friendly group telling stories about wonderful people.  People whose lives are rich and developed.  People who have challenges and trials.

Come and have a laugh in a slice of life that sometimes is just a little too real...
 member, 26 posts
Sun 2 Jun 2019
at 18:52
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
Always open for roleplayers and storytellers who want to tell stories of ordinary people living in a time of extraordinary change.

Part slice of life / historical fiction (my glossary of slang and setting specific terminology is growing daily, so if nothing else you can learn to speak like someone from the past), this game reflects real life drama with more than a few touches of comedy.  It is a game of revolution but also one of surviving boredom and struggling to make ends meet.

New players always welcome and setting and character support guaranteed.
 member, 28 posts
Sun 9 Jun 2019
at 20:14
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
'Sometimes I fantasize
When the streets are cold and lonely
And the cars they burn below me
Don't these times fill your eyes...'

Made of Stone

Free eighties mix-tape to anyone who signs up*

Always open for writers and roleplayers who want to write engaging stories about real people in a time of social and cultural change.  Gritty, funny and real, 'The Kitchen Sink' is a place for stories.  Stories of truth, stories of gossip, stories worth telling.

*Not really, but everyone needs a hook :)
 member, 29 posts
Sun 16 Jun 2019
at 20:18
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
'Daddy don't know what he's done
Kids don't know what's wrong with mum
She can't say, they can't see
Putting it down to another bad day
So this is how it feels to be lonely
This is how it feels to be small
This is how it feels when your word means nothing at all'

This Is How It Feels

The 'Players Wanted' ad is now a vehicle for me to post awesome lyrics from 80's songs which fit the mood.

...and I suppose if you want to sign up, have a look at the game and give it a whirl!  Bubble perms, shell suits and fluorescent socks essential, I mean optional!
 member, 30 posts
Sun 23 Jun 2019
at 20:50
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
We are always open for people who want to step in a time machine and drink Babycham and talk about what 'our Tracey has done'.

Come and join a unique slice of life game set in a period of rapid social change.  We've got some wonderful characters and great stories developing so why not take a look?
 member, 31 posts
Sun 30 Jun 2019
at 20:51
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
'This town (town) is coming like a ghost town
All the clubs have been closed down
This place (town) is coming like a ghost town
Bands won't play no more
Too much fighting on the dance floor'

'Ghost Town' - The Specials

It would be super to welcome new players to Shaddingham.  'The Kitchen Sink' is always open for storytellers and roleplayers to tell tales of amazing characters in a place where the sun may not always shine.

On one hand it's a gritty realistic game with characters with depth and genuine problems they need to work through.  On the other hand it's a funny, warm hearted look at people and their unique personalities and all the little things that make people special.

It's a time in some respects were things are simpler, easier to understand, yet at the same time it is an era of rapid social change - those things which once seemed simple now seem confusing.

Full support provided with character concepts and setting acclimatisation.  The game isn't seeking perfection but an honesty and authenticity to characters is really important.

Come on in, there's a punch-up in the pub about to go-off and it would really help if someone calmed things down!
 member, 32 posts
Mon 8 Jul 2019
at 19:18
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
New players and writers welcome anytime, especially those who have seen any of the source material and thought, 'hang on...that's the story of my life' (or someone else's story but you get the idea!).

Dexy's Midnight Runners are playing on the juke box without a sense of irony...
 member, 33 posts
Thu 18 Jul 2019
at 17:52
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
Single mothers,
Missing brothers,
Forbidden lovers.

Striking workers,
Earnest shirkers,
Flick-knife lurkers.

Kids on the dole,
Picketing coal,
Dancing with soul.

This is Shaddingham, where your dreams come true, as long as you aim low...

Always open for writers who want to take part in a unique slice of life game set a generation ago.  Full setting support for those unfamiliar with the period and location.
 member, 34 posts
Thu 25 Jul 2019
at 18:43
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
Bump go things in the night, which would be a clever thing to say if this was a horror game.  Alas, it is not so I'm going to say 'bump, someone's hurt themselves lifting stolen goods off the back of a lorry' instead.

Always open for writers who want to take part in a slice of life / historical fiction game set some time in the 1980s.

Perfect for those scratching an itch about what is was like back then (and also for those who want to find out what it was like!)
 member, 37 posts
Sun 25 Aug 2019
at 22:18
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
It feels a while since we had a bump.  Going to reset the game soon so perfect time for new players to jump in.
 member, 38 posts
Mon 2 Sep 2019
at 11:21
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
Some lovely people just joined the game on top of the lovely people we already have in the game.

So if you are a lovely person and want to join in please drop in an RTJ :)
 member, 39 posts
Wed 11 Sep 2019
at 15:39
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
Adrenaline's running high, and one's got nothing to fear
It's all part of the game; it adds to the atmosphere

If that means something to you and you are not currently in jail then you should probably be in this game :)

Always open for people who want to tell stories about the things that make us beautiful, the things that make us ugly, the things that make us laugh or cry.
 member, 40 posts
Wed 18 Sep 2019
at 21:20
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
You've done too much
Much too young
Now you're married with a kid
When you could be having fun with me

Are you the single parent stuck indoors whistfully wishing you had a life of laughter and glamour?  Or are you the rudeboy looking sharp and dancing at the club?

Come and have a look and if you want to have fun with me why not chuck in an RTJ?
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