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 member, 11 posts
Sat 16 Feb 2019
at 21:34
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
'The Kitchen Sink' is a 'slice of life' game set in the fictional city of Shaddingham sometime in the 1980s.  The concept of the game is rooted in the experience of the British working class of the period and the 'Kitchen Sink / social realism' genre of film of the mid / late 20th Century.

It is a time of social, cultural and economic upheaval.  Whilst in some parts of the country wealth increases as the middle classes become a nation of home owners and shareholders, in the industrial heartlands of the North communities are left to decay.  Thriving towns and villages become ghost towns overnight as industry closes leaving communities shattered.  Unemployment is rife, each day is a struggle to survive.  The government wages war on trade unions, crushing the power of collective struggle.  Families and communities are ripped apart, bitterly turning friends and colleagues against each other.

It is a time of civil unrest.  Stop and search laws disproportionately targets the community.  Young women and men are automatically assumed to be criminals by the police.  Elements of a disenfranchised working class blame their neighbours for their problems, not recognising the issues that affect them, affect all in their community.  Violence and terror a daily reminder on the news

And yet, weeds grow through the cracks in the concrete.  There is joy, laughter, happiness.  It is a time of change.  There are victories.  In the workplace, in the home, in the bedroom.  There are the shoots of acceptance within the community regarding sexuality, even if the conversations remain hard.  The war will be ultimately lost, but there are plenty of battles to be won.  Life may be grim, but you're all in it together....(and the music is good too!)

The characters are the poor, the dispossessed, the vulnerable with real troubles and  problems.  Stories of redemption and of healing.  Stories of people left behind in a world changing to fast for them....

Although this game will be player driven there will be GM-led events and support provided - the last thing wanted is players talking to themselves!  Knowledge of the setting is not essential although careful consideration will be given to all character submissions - if you want to play a supermodel who moonlights as airline pilot and world champion athlete this may not be the game for you.

If you have made it this far you may as well click the link to the game :)
 member, 12 posts
Sat 23 Feb 2019
at 22:32
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
We are just getting started so this is a wonderful time to jump in.

We've plenty of openings for imaginative writers who want to help develop stories in this rich setting.

Come and join the residents of Richmond Gardens and enter a world on the cusp of social, cultural and economic change!  A place of struggle, violence, drugs and crime, but also hope, friendship, community and solidarity.

Full GM support provided for character generation and concepts.
 member, 13 posts
Sat 2 Mar 2019
at 23:02
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
Well yeah... this game is always going to be open for new players.

Come and join soccer hooligans coming to terms with their sexuality, drug dealing punks and desolate junkies.  Enter a world of lonely taxi drivers lost in their thoughts and a life that could be as they spend their early hours on the road.  See the sqauddie return home to find his family has fallen apart, meet the nice ice cream lady who barely knows what she has got in to.  The stranger in a strange land, invisible and liking it that way....

With supporting NPC's to fill out the setting and locations evocative of the era this is a fantastic opportunity for creative writers wanting a setting filled with humour and camaraderie, yet also rooted in the struggle of the dispossessed, living in a time changing rapidly and not caring about the human wreckage left behind.
 member, 14 posts
Sat 9 Mar 2019
at 23:18
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
Always open for writers with a thirst for social realism and a need to tell stories.  Enter a gritty world which has plenty of space for love and humour.  Come and hang out on the street, down the pub or in the squatted out space where those who don't want to be found live.
 member, 15 posts
Sun 17 Mar 2019
at 08:39
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
"Housewives and prostitutes
Plumbers in boiler suits
Truants in coffee bars
Who think you're alone
Big men on building sites
Sick men in dressing gowns
Agents in motor cars
Who never go home
Women in factories
One parent families
Women in purdah
Persons unknown"

Poison Girls - Persons Unknown

Come and join persons unknown, waiting for their stories to be told.  Pretty sure we are all going to end up in the pub soon so it's easy to jump in.
 member, 16 posts
Sun 24 Mar 2019
at 09:35
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
An upstanding member of the community has just met his demise.  Come join us and pay your respects at his wake.

Alcohol and grudges to settle welcome.
 member, 17 posts
Sun 31 Mar 2019
at 11:56
It's Grim Up North [Adult Freeform]
'Stop me, stop me, oh stop me....Stop me if you think if you've heard this one before....'

Always open for writers with a need to provide a voice for the voiceless.

Now is a good time to jump in as we all lament the loss of local philanthropist and alleged gangster Gerry Geoghan.
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