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Mon 18 Feb 2019
at 21:16
New Pathfinder campaign, players wanted!
Over two years ago, all of the greatest philosophers of the Eternal Empire gathered to discuss the most recent prophetic revelations from the sacred oracle. After much deliberation, they emerged with a consensus. A mission must be sent to the distance East, beyond the great ocean. The people there were said to be barbaric heathens, blasphemously worshiping lowly spirits as beings worthy of abject servitude, and naming them Gods. These people must be converted to the true worship of the true Divine, The Heartstone, or else the whole world would die.

What this Doom was, the philosophers would not say. Perhaps they themselves did not know. Regardless, they were certain that the mission must be achieved. The greatest and most famous heroes of the land were selected to take part in the voyage, lead by the High Philosopher himself, equipped with the Sacred Jewels of the Empire. Although the voyage was dangerous, the many great crystal mages and philosopher-priests were more than a match for routine perils, suppressing storms and slaying beasts.

As the fleet neared shore, a great storm arose, battering the fleet around. Even as the storm struck the boats of the fleet, a mighty Kraken arose from the depths, tossing ships around like toys. The greatest warriors, mages, and philosopher-priests fought and died, trying to break free.

You wash ashore, battered and half-drowned. You were not one of those great heroes. You, and the other few bedraggled survivors you see around you were acolytes, sailors, men-at-arms, or servants. You had your own reason for joining this mission, whether for honor, duty, glory, or gold. Whatever your reason was, will it be enough for you to continue on? The odds are against you, but you know the prophecy, Should you fail, both these lands and your home are doomed.

Find your way in a new world. Preach your religion and convert the heathens!

System: Pathfinder (with a decent amount of houserules)
Starting Level: 4 (game will hopefully go through 12 or so)
I'm hoping to get 4-5 players (already have 3)

Check out the game here: link to another game

EDIT: This game is now full

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 member, 2 posts
Wed 20 Feb 2019
at 21:02
New Pathfinder campaign, players wanted!
Still accepting new players!
 member, 3 posts
Thu 21 Feb 2019
at 01:37
New Pathfinder campaign, players wanted!
 member, 4 posts
Tue 5 Mar 2019
at 01:29
New Pathfinder campaign, players wanted!
Looking for 1-2 more players.
 member, 5 posts
Mon 10 Jun 2019
at 12:59
New Pathfinder campaign, players wanted!
This game is now seeking one replacement player. We have been playing for several months, and have an active and involved game. I am ideally seeking someone who will take over for the missing player (a sylph telekineticist), with some tweaks to the character fine. However, I will consider application for new characters, which may require some collaboration to incorporate the new character into the existing party and story.
 member, 6 posts
Thu 17 Oct 2019
at 22:19
New Pathfinder campaign, players wanted!
Recruiting one new player!

One of my players had to leave due to personal issues. The missing character is an inquisitor/paladin multi-class, but some amount of ret-conning of mechanics is allowed. My preference is for someone willing to take over that character, but I am also willing to consider applications for a new character.

If the latter, we will work together for how you join the current party.

Check out the game here for application details: link to another game
 member, 7 posts
Wed 23 Oct 2019
at 01:18
New Pathfinder campaign, players wanted!
Still looking for one player!
 member, 8 posts
Sun 15 Dec 2019
at 23:10
New Pathfinder campaign, players wanted!
I have lost one character, and am seeking a replacement. The ideal application is to take over for the missing character and play Kaideen, storm druid. I will also consider applications for new characters, who will need some work to figure out how they join up with the main party.

See the RTJ link in-game for more details!
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