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Thu 21 Mar 2019
at 16:10
If you go down in the woods today...
Ronnie has gone missing. She disappeared two weeks into her foreign exchange program to Japan. Now, on the eve of her 21st birthday, a group of students and close friends from Blackwater University, along with the exchange student with whom she swapped places with, gather for a "birthday party" held by her brother. He intends to persuade them to join him on a road trip to Japan to discover what happened to his little sister.

Yokubo to gisei is a Call of Cthulhu game based on a modified verson of the scenario A Dream of Japan. I intend to modernise it and spice it up a bit to give it a more adult flavour and relevant theme. I would welcome anyone to aid me in the scenario modification and design.

I'm looking for 4-6 investigators, some of which should be Japanese. I am using the Chaoism Call of Cthulhu Version 7 rules and will give help to anyone unfamiliar with the system.

This game will conain sexually explicit content, as well as themes centering on obsession and suicide. You have been warned!

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Fri 17 May 2019
at 14:06
If you go down in the woods today...
might be room for 2-3 more players.