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Fri 5 Apr 2019
at 15:51
Steam, Stockings, and Springs. Oh My!
Alternate Earth, 1923

Welcome to the United Empire

In a time when the British empire ruled the skies and its empire expanded across Europe, a young lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon refused to marry the eligable prince Albert, Duke of York. Instead, Queen Mary arranged a marriage between him and one of the daughters of the Japanese emperor Meji, strengthening an alliance of empires which sought to unite all under a single rule.

Britain's success in the Great War had caused Britain to further develop the Stirling Engine, favoring steam over diesel. That technological revolution continued. It became a golden age where airships sailed the winds high above the lands. Innovations in Steam power and clockwork combined with new techniques for harnessing steam energy brought about a technological revolution like no other.

Unknown to most of the world, there were agencies that worked towards the gaining of power through the occult. Their experiments, while mostly failures, eventually caused tears in the fabric of reality. These tears caused ripples, affecting humans and even altering parts of reality itself, sending the timeline of Earth off of its predestined path and into an uncertain future. Many forms of shifters such as Lycans, Bastet and Kitsune now walked amoungst us. Vampires fed off human blood and the Sakybasu fed off Kai energy released during sex. Mythological creatures such as Yokai and Oni appeared and even the Sirens called out from the sea.

After the Salem Witch Hunts, a secret organization was quickly established to keep the presence of these new species hidden. They walk amongst us now but few know about their true natures.

On the south west coast of Britain sits the city of Truro, Cornwall. Its Elysium District houses many of these species, hidden from the eyes of the world. And it is our home.

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Mon 15 Apr 2019
at 07:29
Steam, Stockings, and Springs. Oh My!
We have a few chatacters up for adoption (NPCs that can be changed to the players desires).

We could use more female players / characters.
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Mon 22 Apr 2019
at 16:59
Steam, Stockings, and Springs. Oh My!
Mars Cogs Needs Women!
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