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Thu 2 May 2019
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Forgotten Realms Keep on the Shadowfell
Long before the arrival of the dracolich Aurgloroasa(known to some as the Sibilant Shade), in the Thunder Peaks, another dragon prowled the mountains. The great wyrm, Shadraxil, was the shadow dragon sire of Aurgloroasaís mother, Shhuusshuru. At the birth of Cormyr in 26 DR, Shadraxil was already a great wyrm and sire to many other dragons, including Shhuusshuru.

As Cormyr extended its power, the nation built fortresses along its frontier, including in the Thunder Peaks. At that time, Shadraxil laired there, and in the year 236 DR, the great wyrm began attacking Cormyrís outposts. Among these forts was the place that was to become Shadowfell Keep.

In response, Cormyr sent a contingent of brave soldiers led by the knight Jerold Keegan. Keegan devised a plan to lure the beast into an arcane trap, where Cormyrís War Wizards managed to bind the wyrm in a prison within the Plane of Shadow.

Shadraxil has been trapped in the prison for twelve centuries, forgotten by most and assumed dead by the few who recall his name.

After centuries of imprisonment, Shadraxil believed he would never escape. However, when Shar folded the Plane of Shadow into the Shadowfell following the Spellplague, the dragon awoke and saw his chance. The Spellplague weakened the protective seal keeping the dragon imprisoned, and so Shadraxil struck a deal with Shar, offering his services in her dark purpose if she could use her agents to free him. After years of excavation and preparation, Sharís servants are finally poised to free Shadraxil, a beast mighty enough to upset the balance of power in the region. Shadraxilís liberation could be the opportunity Netheril and Sembia have coveted in hopes of delivering a killing blow to Cormyr and the Dalelands.


Greetings! Relatively new DM here looking to start a game based on the module Keep on the Shadowfell and am looking for some patient but enthusiastic players to help me break my teeth into the new world of DMing. Please read my intro and rtj and character creation threads before sending an application. :) Well hope to be hearing from you!
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Mon 6 May 2019
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Forgotten Realms Keep on the Shadowfell
Bump. Still need more players.
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Fri 24 May 2019
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Forgotten Realms Keep on the Shadowfell
Bump. We really need more players.
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