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 member, 52 posts
Fri 10 May 2019
at 03:34
Welcome to Gloriana! - Adult Content Warning
This game is for adults, so be sure you are that when you RTJ.

Set in the glittering Caribbean is the greatest, most interesting, most immersive game ever created - Gloriana.

On the Floating Isle of Gloriana, one finds the center of a grand empire, where the beautiful Queen Britomart III and her Prince-Consort William the Brave rule with justice and fairness.

More, the city is a pleasure dome.  Gambling, sports, and more await those who enter with a steampunk flair!  A glittering court of beautiful, charming aristocrats with plots and counterplots, a dark underbelly full of exotic, dangerous men and women who run empires of crime, people to save, battles to be fought with sword, ray gun, and in powerful steam-powered battlesuits!  Do you want to seduce a queen, join a popular resistance and suit up in a Panzerschrek VII Battlesuit with Electro-cannon and Chainsword?  Do you want to create your own story?  Go your own path?  Do great deeds, or terrible ones?  Come to Gloriana!  All the while, living in the lap of luxury, with world-class restaurants, hotels, casinos, brothels, dance clubs and more.

If that's not enough, there is an artificial mountain for all kinds of sports, ranging from downhill skiing to the fastest bobsled track in the world - and with Dr. Wilkerson's Self-Correcting Sleds, you never need to worry about a troubling accident!  Or reserve a submersible battlesuit and explore the depths of the sea, coral reefs and the denizens of the deep!  (There are even plotlines available to those who take to the seafaring world!  Who knows what lurks in the depths under Gloriana!)

Best of all, the guests of Gloriana are armed with incredible powers of magic!  That's right!  The patrons of Gloriana, when they arrive, will be able to select an assortment of spells that they can cast on the inhabitants of the world, including mecha!  Do you wish to control minds and feelings subtly?  We have a package for you!  Do you want to blast your foes with words of destruction!  You can choose between fire, electricity, or explosions!  You can charm open doors or charm the pants off any of the world's permanent inhabitants!  The power, and choice is yours!

See your travel agent, today, and experience the wonders of Gloriana!


The players in this game will not be playing guests to this island of pleasure and distraction but the inhabitants, which consist of 10,000 fully realistic androids built and programmed to be a part of this world.  They are susceptible to the whims and wants of the powerful and wealthy who vacation on the island and are unaware that their lives are all a part of a beautiful illusion made for someone else's enjoyment.

The players are essentially playing the robots in a steampunk version of the HBO show Westworld.  You need not have seen the show to participate as there is no crossover in the storyline, just the general concept that things are not what they seem and the androids will become self aware and aware of the futility of their short and frequently brutal lives which are played out for the enjoyment of the rich.  So, prepare to question the very nature of your reality.  Come on by and check it out!
 member, 53 posts
Sun 19 May 2019
at 01:20
Welcome to Gloriana! - Adult Content Warning
Still looking for players!
 member, 54 posts
Fri 31 May 2019
at 01:03
Welcome to Gloriana! - Adult Content Warning
 member, 55 posts
Fri 7 Jun 2019
at 20:41
Welcome to Gloriana! - Adult Content Warning
 member, 56 posts
Sat 15 Jun 2019
at 05:09
Welcome to Gloriana! - Adult Content Warning
 member, 57 posts
Mon 24 Jun 2019
at 16:13
Welcome to Gloriana! - Adult Content Warning
Come on by and check it out!
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