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 There is no truth. There
 is only perception
Mon 1 Jul 2019
at 20:15
Come join our deadly game of politics, power, and espionage
Welcome to the Saxon / Viking (Norse) era.  Become the Shield Maiden/Warrior/Knight/Monk/Bar-wrench you always wished...join our small group of writers and begin your adventure.

Our Norse just arrived (heading into the evening of the second day), the Saxon's are plotting their next move, and by plotting they have a constable formulating his attack.

The game has need for all characters, Warriors, Shield Maidens, Lords, Ladies, Bakers, Farmers, and Candlestick makers.

Consider this a historic type of slice of life, RP game.  It is free-form and all we ask is the you read the rules, be kind to your fellow writers, and enjoy yourself.

Don't hesitate to PM me for more details. 

*Note this is an Adult Rated game and as such must meet site requirements.

The Rightful ones

This is a medieval loosely based historical free-form adult RPG. The plot surrounds two Kingdoms one fighting for its right to claim and forge a new life in (and on) new lands and the other trying to keep its control, keep its lands and be free from raids.

The game will focus on the people; the royal family, nobles, military (Knights), and common folks for the Saxons people and the newly crowned Jarl, his warriors, and the Norse people who followed their Jarl to this new land to prosper.  Stories will focus on the period and conflict on various levels from individual conflicts to wars between kingdoms.

In this game, it will chronicle the reign of both the Saxons and and the Norse (Northman), the people surrounding them and the choices they make with the consequences of those choices.

The Rightful Ones, is a twist on history and the what-if's stories as it plays out and the Saxon's eventual collapse to the Norse.

Now prepare yourself for an adventure in history as you begin to write your story!

The soon to be appointed chieftain/Jarl of the Norse (northman/Vikings), Erland, must merge his clan with the locals and build a village of his own. If he can succeed his name will forever be remembered in the rune-stones.  Erland sailed his ships west as the seer advised with many talks of treasure, prosperous lands, and climate weather; the Norse are ready to start life in this new land.

While the Saxon’s fear these savages and try to repel them at first it soon becomes clear they are not Viking's and they aren’t leaving.  And what better way to protect their fertile lands then by befriending the enemy.

Can the Saxons learn to trust the Norse clan now looking to call their land home?  Will the Norse use their trade savvy ways to earn the trust of the locals or will they violently take over the land?

Come step into history and tell your characters tale.


THE BACKSTORY (not the main story line but the back drop)

The daughter of the Saxon King and a Scots warrior has been paired to marry, both have just found out. Her father (the Saxon King) negotiated a betrothal to the prominent figure of the Scots clan (not part of the Norse that arrived on his shores) for a hope of truce - an alliance - though her brother (Olis) is opposed, he is soon to become King of the Saxon's, Olis (the brother) imprisons his sister in the Tower of Blackwaters, and the Viking/Norse Warrior gets word via her handmaiden/spy as to what truly happened to her and he sets a course to free her.

In the meantime, the Norse clan headed by Jarl Erland tries to seek a peace but the Saxon's are very distrustful and rightfully so.  Their goal (the Norse) is land, trade but with the world in fear of the next Viking Raids the Saxon's are leery of trusting the new arrivals.

Unbeknownst to both King and Scots Chieftain who has the Saxon princess hand in marriage, the Princess has formed a relationship with one of the Norse clan’s men who arrived on their shores.  Although the two are vastly different they found happiness which is ruined when her betrothed come to the “rescue” her.  Will she be forced to marry this Scots warrior?  If she suffers though the marriage will she continue her affair with her lover?   Olis, her brother eventually declares war against Norse who have arrived. Once he succeeds the throne under dubious events that is. Treaties be damned as tensions over the last few years has risen and in a very public denouncing he burns effigy made of straw in the figure of the Jarl who threatens his shores.   He has plans into effect to bring his sister lover to justice and publicly punish both of them (his sister and her lover) and show his control.

Olis had been secretly working with the other northern allies over the years to form a great army to crush the enemy on his shores.

Tensions run deep.  One snap of a twig can set off the bloodshed.

There isn’t right or wrong...or bad or good...

The espionage and treachery run deep……this is where our story begins...

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 There is no truth. There
 is only perception
Tue 9 Jul 2019
at 00:12
Become the Shield Maiden/Warrior/Knight you always wished...
New players of all levels welcome.  We are looking to expand our game and hope you’ll join in the fun!

Man må hyle med de ulve man er i blandt
One must howl with the wolves one is among

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 There is no truth. There
 is only perception
Tue 16 Jul 2019
at 13:13
Come step into history and tell your characters tale
Are you a Warrior?  A seamstress?  If so come and tell your characters tale...

“Remember what punishments befell us in this world when we ourselves did not cherish learning nor transmit it to other men.”
― Ælfrēd of Wessex

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 There is no truth. There
 is only perception
Tue 23 Jul 2019
at 19:37
Come step into history and tell your characters tale
Do you want to be part of a small but committed community? If you say yes then we are that small group for you and we are looking to add players.  Become a member of our community and prove yourself to be an expert herbalist, a seer, warrior, or healer...or are you an apprentice just learning your trade?  All are welcome but who will make it?

Enn skal lytte, når en gammel hund gjø.
One should listen when an old dog barks.

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 There is no truth. There
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Wed 31 Jul 2019
at 12:32
Come step into history and tell your characters tale
Enter into the past and be a part of living history...come join our group of passionate writers, be a part of something greater then yourself, be a part of either the Saxon's trying to maintain their way of life or the Vikings trying to forge a new way.

“Alfred found learning dead, and he restored it. Education neglected, and he revived it. The laws powerless, and he gave them force. The Church debased, and he raised it. The land ravaged by a fearful enemy, from which he delivered it. Alfred's name will live as long as mankind shall respect the past.”
― Epitaph to Alfred the Great

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 There is no truth. There
 is only perception
Fri 9 Aug 2019
at 15:04
Come step into history and tell your characters tale
Viking lore contains the wisdom of a legendary, knowledgeable people, that for most of us, conjure visions of war, raids, adventure, and conquest.  Unholy people of savagery.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

No one will deny they were relentless warriors, and a considerable force to be reckoned with, but sadly the Viking people’s wisdom and wit often go overlooked. Experience breeds knowledge, and these brave souls had no shortage of exploits from which to draw important life lessons.

So come raise your sword with a mighty force and let the truth be told of the Vikings.

Or maybe you feel the courage and strength of the Saxon's is overlooked certainly history hasn't, or should I say lore hasn't depicted them as warriors.  But, they were.

Come join us in telling to tale of your character, explore a part of history and relive it here.

Better a brief spell of honour than a long rule of shame.  (LS, c.29)
The Vikings of Bjornstad :Viking Wisdom:

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 There is no truth. There
 is only perception
Mon 19 Aug 2019
at 13:38
Come step into history and tell your characters tale
Did you ever wish you could just let yourself get lost in history and feel what it might have been like to be a part of it all?

If you answered yes, then please come join our small group of players and writers as we rewrite history and create the what-if you always wanted.....

“For in prosperity a man is often puffed up with pride, whereas tribulations chasten and humble him through suffering and sorrow. In the midst of prosperity the mind is elated, and in prosperity a man forgets himself; in hardship he is forced to reflect on himself, even though he be unwilling. In prosperity a man often destroys the good he has done; amidst difficulties he often repairs what he long since did in the way of wickedness.”
― King Alfred

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 There is no truth. There
 is only perception
Tue 27 Aug 2019
at 16:37
Come step into history and tell your characters tale
Be Strong

When you are Weak

Be Brave

When are Scared

Be Humble

When you are Victorious

And when you do all that come and be a part of our writing and story telling!  We are still a small group but growing everyday (okay not everyday LOL).  But, we are gaining in numbers and the stories are coming to life.  Come in, enter and share your tale.

This is a chance to tell the what if...What if the Norse people did win out over the Saxons.  What if the King was defeated and Norse rule came over the lands, what would the world be like...  This is yours and my chance to craft and tell that story of what if.

Come and join us.

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