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Wed 17 Jul 2019
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Welcome to Night City Chummers...
Welcome to Night City, Chummer....

In Night City: Tales From the Sprawl the players play the role of a team of Shadowrunners/Edgerunners/Nightrunners. etc., trying to survive and earn a little NuYen in a Cyberpunk near future setting. It is a world where almost everyone is sporting at least a little chrome and the mighty corporations rule over the Megacity and its surrounding sprawls.

The game itself is a mix of Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, Tales From the Sprawl, Cyberpunk and PBtA The Sprawl. Players will each work with the GM to create the world that they live in. They will help create everything from the Corporations -including how well known the players are to each corporation, gear, locations within the city, NPCs and major story arcs/plot points.

For your RTJ, please submit a character concept (Hacker,Rigger, Hired Gun, Face, etc) Once I have enough players we will create the world and then create the characters.