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 member, 33 posts
Sun 18 Aug 2019
at 21:21
A new world
Altohugh he kingdom of Adylais has always been a kingdom of exploration of other realms it has never branched out across the deep oceans. Destructive weather and indescribable monsters of the depths have kept the kingdom from attempting to cross the vast oceans. That is, until just a few months ago when a massive ship washed up ashore. With no crew of any kind on it many could only ponder what this massive vessel was or where it came from.

While the ship had no crew it had a wealth of gold, gems, magical instruments, enough to make the richest of nobles gasp in surprise. Along with the treasures was a note written in a language unknown to Adylais and a key. Through magic it was discovered the note was in fact a letter of peace, the boat an offering of good faith, and the key a magic portal to invite others to a new land far across the ocean.

At first the king was skeptical, and sent a small military detachment to investigate the claims of this letter and key. Withing a few months however a entire new city had been set up in the new land now named New Adylais. However there has been no word or sign of who sent this mysterious note, aside from a few primitive tribes of orcs and goblins there seemed to be no inhabitants at all.

While until now operations had been run by the military and the government. But now, for the first time, others are being allowed to enter and explore the new world, by order of the king an adventurers guild was to be set up, and all were welcome to come and explore the new land, stake their claims and find their riches and maybe even discover the mystery of this new land and what it holds.
 member, 25 posts
Sun 18 Aug 2019
at 22:35
A new world
Taking note of the lists you provided, I was thrilled to see Elan Psions are not excluded.

This hopefully being the case, would I be permitted to play Tobias an Elan Telepath recently created by a Merchant house of Moderate means. To represent said House in any discoveries made in the New Land.
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Mon 19 Aug 2019
at 08:09
A new world
In reply to MeRK (msg # 2):

You prolly better send him a mail via the RTJ in his game. Posts here usually tend to be forgotten till a game needs to be bumped again.
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