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Fri 11 Oct 2019
at 16:07
The Night Witches - WWII pilotís story
Engels Aerodrome, Saratov Oblast, Russia
Sunday 23:00 Feb-8-1942

The Deputy Commissar of the Regiment, Junior Lieutenant of State Security Kseniya Gavrilova, addresses the motley lot of you, kitted out in new uniforms after your basic and pilot/navigator training. Your duffel bags behind each of you, you stand at attention in two thin lines in a concrete bunker lit by one harsh bulb.  The winter wind twists itís cold fingers under the door, and ruffles the winter skirt of the enlisted yefreytor there with a clipoard.

The heels of Gavrilovaís spit-shined boots click-click-click on the cement floor as she paces.

She pauses and turns to face you: speaking with revolutionary zeal, and too loudly for this small room; she's clearly a hard-ass.

ďYou are now Soviet Airwomen of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment of the 4th Air Army of the Southwestern Front.

Your mission is to harass the German army, which has invaded our country and murdered our people! We are now in a war that is brutal and horrific - a war that we can only win! Failure is unthinkable! We will fly the People's biplanes and drop the People's bombs on the Germans!"

"Things are critical. It will be incredibly dangerous. We will fly in darkness, in open cockpit, with no parachute, sometimes a dozen missions each night. The Soviet Army" she says with a smirk and a more conspiratorial tone "wishes perhaps that we didnít exist and nobody expects us to succeed."

And then back to her too-loud voice, practically a cheer "We are going to succeed anyway!Ē

You will be playing Soviet women in the all-female 588th Night Bomber Regiment - the famous ĎNight Witchesí during World War Two.

You will be pilots and navigators.

You will be heroes.


You don't need a rulebook.  The system is quite simple.
The quickness of character creation is surprising.  Tasks are a 2d6, and there aren't that many tasks.
If you're unsure about playing Soviets, here are a few concept examples: Bright eyed Academy Graduate, Transferee from another Regiment, Drafted Criminal, Duel Citizen returned from Abroad, Angry Soviet Pilot Gal.

It's a role playing game, and quite unlike the majority.  It's you writing some bullet points, answering some questions, and moving on to the next element.

If you're ok with a hard timeline (you're not changing WWII, you're partcipating in it).
If you don't mind a loose end
If you want to post for multiple NPCs without waiting for the GM to take the reins
If you want combats resolved in 3-5 rolls total
If you want to play an actual situation, not a fantasy

Then Night Witches are worth a look.

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 member, 18 posts
Fri 18 Oct 2019
at 16:37
The Night Witches - WWII pilotís story
We have 4, we start Saturday!  Soaring room to be the heroine that you are.
 member, 20 posts
Tue 29 Oct 2019
at 15:02
The Night Witches - WWII pilotís story
We're about to start the first mission!  Sign Up to Fight the Fascists!  DEFEND THE MOTHERLAND!
 member, 22 posts
Wed 6 Nov 2019
at 10:04
The Night Witches - WWII pilotís story
Bump. Pilots only.

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 member, 25 posts
Thu 14 Nov 2019
at 13:01
The Night Witches - WWII pilotís story
Bump.  First mission is a qualified success! Weíre adding in one new pilot - you wonít be alone. Join now to sweepthe Nazi menace from Matushka Rossiya (Mother Russia)!!
 member, 26 posts
Thu 21 Nov 2019
at 16:35
The Night Witches - WWII pilotís story

Bomber pilots needed to fight the Nazis.

Extraordinary danger, terrible pay, rotten conditions, high chance of death.

Eternal Heroism if you succeed.

Inquire within.
 member, 28 posts
Sun 15 Dec 2019
at 02:04
The Night Witches - WWII pilotís story
Second training mission done.  A few spots to fill.  Lesson: AA Guns gonna AA.  Don't be in their way.  Don't let their negativity bring you down the hard way.
 member, 4 posts
Mon 16 Dec 2019
at 21:00
The Night Witches - WWII pilotís story
I've been really keen to play this game for the longest time. I'm actually running a version on a different Pbp site.

If you're still looking for Pilots or Navigators I'd like to join.
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