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  • The game is located in the Comedy, Fantasy, Medieval categories.
  • It has 181 posts and is run by shady joker.
  • Its last post was made at 16:45, Saturday, 30 November 2019.
  • The game is currently requesting players.
  • It contains mature content.
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shady joker
 member, 1637 posts
Thu 17 Oct 2019
at 22:13
From Knaves to Knights
 Like OSR style games but hate choosing classes? Come play KNAVE!

No classes. Every PC is a Knave, a tomb-raiding, adventure-seeking ne’er-do-well who wields a spell book just as easily as a blade. This is an ideal system for players who like to switch up their character’s focus from time to time and don’t like being pigeonholed. A PC’s role in the party is determined largely by the equipment they carry.

Your goal is to go from poor commoner to a landed knight by going on dangerous adventures and finding magical items and loot. Go big or die trying.
shady joker
 member, 1638 posts
Fri 25 Oct 2019
at 00:26
From Knaves to Knights
We are still needing more Knaves.
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