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Sorry, better luck next time.
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Sat 19 Oct 2019
at 02:24
DC heroes in Eberron
Driven mad by repeated defeats and repeated banishments to the anti-matter universe, the Anti-Monitor again set about trying to destroy the multiverse. Travelling from universe to universe he recruited the maddest and most malicious villains he could find to launch an assault at the heart of it all on Earth yet again. Yet again, the heroes of Earth and the cosmos rose to fight them.

It was a pitched and fevered battle of good versus evil for the fate of all life in the multiverse. A crisis beyond compare. At it's center, the Anti-Monitor and and a demented version of Lex Luthor who'd been trapped in the anti-matter universe with a small chunk of Brainiac in is mind. The two were hard at work constructing an interdimensional anti-matter implosion device that would collapse all reality in on itself bringing an end to everything across the multiverse.

Somehow, amidst the chaos of the battle to end all battles, a select few heroes managed to slip through the lines of evil foes to try and stop the bomb. Some perhaps the heroes you'd expect to breach through. Some perhaps you wouldn't. At the last moment, they charged in to sabotage the device before it could be detonated. In so doing, the anti-monitor was again destroyed but not without consequence. The ensuing explosion tore open a hole in reality and threw those closest to the device, hero and villain alike, outside their reality. Beyond the reach of the multiverse they knew and into one beyond their imagining.

The concept for this game is for the players to assume the role of heroes from the DC universe who have been unexpectedly thrust into Eberron alongside a handful of villains from their universe. They must band together to protect this strange new world from the threats from theirs while trying to find their way home. It will be using the D&D 5e rules but character creation for the game will be unique. It will be a mutual process between all of the players and the GM to figure out how to recreate established DC characters in a way that is balanced alongside the game system. We might use different class features and spells but we won't be using actual classes.
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Sun 24 Nov 2019
at 05:18
DC heroes in Eberron

The madness of Khyber has claimed one of my players. I am looking for 1-2 new players. The game hasn't actually started yet so you haven't missed anything yet. It's a great time to jump in.
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Sun 1 Dec 2019
at 22:14
DC heroes in Eberron
Room for one more. :)
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Mon 9 Dec 2019
at 03:54
DC heroes in Eberron
Still looking for players.