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 member, 224 posts
Sun 10 Nov 2019
at 11:32
Dwarves, Humans and Mutants! Oh my!
I recently purchased the Black Hack 2nd edition. I got inspired and kinda created a random hex to explore.

It would be a slow post-pace game, but I want to try to at least post a story-advancing post once a week. Having the rules is handy but not strictly needed. There is a very cheap player only pdf though, which should tell you what you need to know.

The maturity level would be around Saturday morning cartoons/avengers movies level of maturity. I know this can be a turn off, so I'm up front about it. There will be no cursing, no gore and no nudity.

That out of the way, what are fun things? You can't only be a human, but also a dwarf or a mutant! You can find strange future-artifacts! Explore weird happenings in the Prismatic Hills or the Blood-Red Swamp. You can go out and find treasure and secrets! Don't you want to find treasure and secrets? Sure you do! Come on and join in!
 member, 85 posts
 aka DJ ThAC0
 Playing Since Moldvay
Tue 12 Nov 2019
at 13:49
Dwarves, Humans and Mutants! Oh my!
In reply to Frili (msg # 1):

How does Black Hack compare mechanics-wise to B/X or other OSR products?
 member, 225 posts
Sun 17 Nov 2019
at 16:26
Dwarves, Humans and Mutants! Oh my!
We currently have one player playing a human bard type character. We start this week, with options to still join in to this OSR inspired indy type game!
 member, 226 posts
Sun 24 Nov 2019
at 16:28
Dwarves, Humans and Mutants! Oh my!
So far we've got two players who are about to leave on a quest! They could use some help because these ruins don't delve themselves!
 member, 235 posts
Sun 1 Dec 2019
at 22:21
Dwarves, Humans and Mutants! Oh my!
Our dwarf has gone silent, but our Bard is preparing to start delving a ruin! He's gonna need all the help he can get! You can either pilot and npc or create your own character!
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