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Thu 14 Nov 2019
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Dungeon Crawling & Exploration in a Homebrewed Setting (5e)

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Thu 21 Nov 2019
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Lead your Faction to Victory! (Fantasy Strategy Homebrew)

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Lead your Faction to Victory! (Fantasy Strategy Homebrew)

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Lead your Faction to Victory! (Fantasy Strategy Homebrew)

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Mon 23 Mar 2020
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Lead your Faction to Victory! (Fantasy Strategy Homebrew)
This game has undergone a reboot -- my homebrewed system wasn't working out so I decided to make this a dungeon-crawling adventure with 5e as the base system.


"A New Challenger enters the Game..."

Welcome to For Pride & Glory, a D&D 5e RPG with dungeon-crawling, exploration, and fantasy all blended into one hopefully exciting experience! It will be taking place in a home-brewed setting with a pantheon created by the DM but D&D rules will be used.

You play a up-and-coming adventurer living in the grand Capital of Spriven located in the kingdom of Serrat — a bustling empire of approximately 5000 citizens and composed mostly of scattered farms, wide open lush forests and long-winding scenic rivers. You’ve earned quite a reputation in your work although there have been no serious threats appearing throughout the kingdom yet.

However, the rumors say that monster sightings have been going up and that forgotten dungeons scattered through the land are becoming nesting grounds for them as they gather minions to do their bidding and wreak havoc on farmers and merchants. The new Adventurer's Guild in the capital has been preparing for these threats. They have been recruiting potential heroes from all corners of the island continent in the hopes that they will be ready for what's coming. You are one of these heroes, already accomplished but seeking further glory for whatever goals you may have in your lifetime.

I expect players to post at least once a day, barring any serious circumstances, as these dungeons are not going to wait around for the heroes to come find them. Monster attacks will become more prominent throughout the game and unavoidable consequences are bound to happen. For the first time in history, the five pre-existing factions of Spriven have banded together for the sake of the Empire. While the rogues continue to carry out their corruption, even they realize that if the empire falls, there will be nothing for them to profit from. Will your hero rise to the occasion to topple the incoming threats to their peaceful lifestyles?


Starting the campaign at level 3. All WotC materials are valid. UA/others will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The party was just about to start their first dungeon when one of my players dropped out -- we have a Champion Fighter, Lord Bard, & Paladin itching to go with a sneaky spell-caster on the sidelines.

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