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 member, 367 posts
Sun 17 Nov 2019
at 13:12
Birthright Campaign Setting with Pathfinder 1e
If you know a little about the Birthright setting, prefer a good story over having the perfect character and like to play out intrigues and drama of courts as well as overland travel and military tactics, kingdom building and the slow change of a continent, then this story might be for you.


Some knowledge about the Birthright setting. Interest in a story which tells the fate of a continent, not only of a few heroes. Ability to write more than one or two coherent sentences. Willingness to help shape the story.

Being ok with posts being flavor-edited if needed if you can't describe some things, as in you are not good in describing a battle, you just post your action and someone else will fill in the flavor stuff. Same goes for other scenes if you are not feeling like a novelist. The chapters of the story are supposed to be posted like chapters in a book when a scene is done, so this is why. For anyone who likes to add flavor to your posts, like a bystander's reaction to a fight, weather effects etc you can do all that and more. In case anything is off it can be fixed later.

We will be using Pathfinder (1e) for character creation and dice etc, but with houserules - lots of houserules actually, but a you will be able to read them all up this will not be an issue. When in doubt, assume you can do something even if it is not in the rules. Just state what your character does and we figure out how to do it. Rule of cool > than RAW.

The game will also be using a modified version of the kingdom building rules (less bureaucracy,more realism) and different approaches to magic.

You are not required to post daily, with enough players we can match frequent posters with those who post more slowly.
 member, 368 posts
Mon 18 Nov 2019
at 00:39
Birthright Campaign Setting with Pathfinder 1e
We are now full, thanks everyone for the interest.
 member, 69 posts
Mon 18 Nov 2019
at 02:26
Birthright Campaign Setting with Pathfinder 1e
**snarls** That filled up way too fast. I've been dying to play Birthright for years.
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