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  • The game is located in the Action/Adventure, Apocalyptic, Fantasy categories.
  • It has 5,610 posts and is run by iphone97.
  • Its last post was made at 19:17, Yesterday.
  • The game is currently not requesting players.
  • It contains mature content.
  • The GM considers the game to be solely owned by them. ?

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 member, 9 posts
 D&D 5e
Tue 26 Nov 2019
at 19:47
3 Open Seats!
Looking for 3 players to join an in-progress Princes of the Apocalypse game - see RTJ for more details.

Current party is made up of a paladin, warlock, and fighter. New players will join at level 5 after a level-up long rest.
 member, 10 posts
 D&D 5e
Fri 29 Nov 2019
at 17:53
3 Open Seats!
Thanks all, quite a few folks have requested to join - I'll close this out now and work through everyone who RTJ'd.
More information about the game owner, iphone97:

iphone97 does not run any other games.