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 member, 114 posts
Thu 28 Nov 2019
at 05:10
Have 1 (maybe 2) slots free.

Do read the Premises, though.
Specifically: only humans.

The game is running since Aug 18, i.e. the Game Info has not been updated since then but should be read anyway.

The Group has investigated and ended a disease in southern Wissenland (near Kreutzhofen), ending a ritual that corrupted an ancient elven holy site and spawned Nurglings and Plaguebearers to spread the disease. The group has taken some elven artefacts from the site which seemingly had been used in the thwarted ritual. They wanted to learn more about these artefacts. The disease seemed to have originated in Bretonnia but the Montdidier Pass has been closed off by both the Elves of Athel Loren and the Dwarves of the nearby holds.

The Group thus headed east to Sonnefurt where they investigated a murder mystery and saved the scapegoat murderess. Everyone then believed the true culprit had been killed, everyone but the characters. But they were unable to unravel the uneasiness they all felt about a potential man behind the scene and travelled on to Wusterburg.

The Group is currently at Wusterburg, it is 19. Pflugzeit 2515 I.C., and they are about to consult a scholar who knows more about Elves and hopefully can provide some further insight...

Expected posting rate is 1x/d - 3/w

The Group currently is composed of
Dieter von Baden (Investigator)
Franz Mueller (Soldier)
Heldric Kuhn (Villager)
Sebastien Bauer (Hunter)

A new character would start at 1.000 XP

XPs are distributed according to
  1. Session End is at ~100 IC Post Count total (excluding GM Posts)
  2. Everyone with at least 10% IC Post Contribution will get 30 XP.
    Less than 10% will result in linear reduction
  3. A further 50 XP x characters distributed according to
    IC Word Count60
    IC Post Count30
    IC GM Impression10
    I.e. with 4 active players the amount is 200XP
  4. Addtional XP are allocated when achieving Short Term Ambitions

 member, 116 posts
Sat 30 Nov 2019
at 09:04
Have received sufficient RTJ.
No more players required at this point
 member, 123 posts
Tue 5 May 2020
at 07:22
Well, one player completely disappeared, seemingly from the whole site and not just my game.

COVID-19 is obviously causing major troubles, too, even on this free time hobby.

So, once again, I would like to add some characters, 1, maybe 2.

The Group currently is composed of
Dieter von Baden (Investigator)
Franz Mueller (Soldier)
Heldric Kuhn (Villager)
Karin Sprunghaft (Entertainer)
Sebastien Bauer (Hunter)

Right now - after a month of inactivity - only Dieter and Heldric seem to be able to post again.

So what happened in the last 5 RL months ?
Only a day has passed in game, it is 20th Pflugzeit 2515IC
Quite a lot, I should say.

West, at the edge of the Barony of Mackensen was a mystery forest that few people dared to enter as rumours of elves and other strange faeries abounded that did not allow entry into their wood, much as in Athel Loren, the large realm of the Wood Elves between the Empire and Bretonia.
However, a prospecting party of miners had actually entered at the beginning of spring and returned with news of rich ores to be found beneath the dark canopies. The rumour spread quickly and the surrounding nobles were each claiming the forest to be within their own borders. Obviously, there was truth in that, as seemingly the forest was large enough to touch each of these baronies. Each noble has sent armed forces to enforce that claim.
The forest seems to have spread further as trees now cover regions that were previously barren land and plains. This has effectively closed down any traffic (and thus trade) with the settlements upriver as any river barges are being ambushed, the clear intent being hurt and death and not robbery.
Baron Von Eigenhof's soldiers were slaughtered by creatures of the forest, Von Kalb's mercenaries have turned into marauders and harrass the southern lands of the Barony Mackensen, seemingly for private reasons as the captain of that force had previously been loyal to Mackensen but had been dismiseed from service. Of the other two factions no news were heard.
The group also learned that the prospectors venturing into the Forest of the Lost had retrieved magical items.
Consulting with a scholar and a wizard the group learned the Forest of the Lost, also called Athel Brocelon, seems to be ruled by a Dryad Queen who is vengeful and hates humans. Clearly the Queen is angered by the intrusion of the prospectors and more so by the armies closing in on her realm and she intends to fight back.
The dryads are a dying race and the Queen used to change human children to become dryads with her magic and an artefact, the Lute of Wisdom. There is a myth that the Lute of Wisdom was stolen a long time ago by one of the changed. The time scope is a mystery, however.
The Elven Artefacts retrieved by the group at the very edge of Wissenland more than a month ago have been investigated by both the scholar and the wizard. Clearly the symbolism involved is of growth, health, recovery and fate. And they are magical, though also tainted by the ritual of the Nurgle sorcerer.
The group also learned a seeming resolution of the murders in Sonnefurt. All along they had suspected that the Freiherr Bader was involved in the murders and in Wusterburg they learned that the war hero is homosexual and may have murdered in Sonnefurt out of fear that his tendencies become widely known. The group has learned that Baroness Katarina von Heisenberg's soldiers are led by the Freiherr and maybe the hated noble comes within their reach again.
Meanwhile, a murder occured in the dock area of Wusterburg. The victim a prostitute who has unearthly traits and was obviously much older than she appeared to be.
The group intends to venture forth into the Forest of the Lost to offer the Elven Artefacts to the Queen of the Dryads, hoping to appease her to relent from waging war on the humans.

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 member, 124 posts
Wed 6 May 2020
at 05:23
Thanks for your consideration and the RTJs.
No more for now, closed again
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