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Sun 1 Dec 2019
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Star Wars Saga Edition: The Hidden War
"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."

The Empire is dead. Barely a handful of Imperial Remnant Warlords cling to delusions of their former glory in the hidden and remote places of the galaxy. The New Republic is well established, but not yet the equal of the Old Republic in terms of scope and power. Still, the galaxy is as free and peaceful as one could reasonably expect. Even the seeming eternal wars of the Sith and Jedi are quiet. Indeed, even the excited whisperings of war her Luke Skywalker's new jedi Academy have gone silent in recent years.

But the galaxy is a big place, and the scars of two galactic conflict can still be felt. With the new Republic still on the rise, and the Empire having left much devastation in their passing, their are many opportunities for the entrepreneurial soul out there.

All one needs is a good starship, a sold crew at their back, and the opportunities will open themselves up to you. You could be smugglers, pirates, bounty hunters, spies, corporate agents, treasure hunters, or even Resistance operatives for the patriotic types out there. But you have been a crew for some time. Long enough to build a camaraderie and intuition about each other that is the talk of other spacers when they nurse their cantina drinks.

But credits and thrills are not all that resides among the stars. There are dark things out there. Old things. Beings of terrible will, and twisted machinations. Things that would best remain hidden. In your travels, you may uncover what was born of the shadows. You will discover the Hidden War.


The game will be using Canon continuity, and takes place during 28 ABY. Meaning that players wanting to be survivors of Luke's Jedi Academy can have a plausible reason for being Jedi, or at least Jedi-trained. This also means that anyone wanting to have a background with the Resistance or New Republic will be on firm footing. Players will be the crew of a starship that operates between the Mid Rim and Outer Rim. Now, as not to step on character creativity, the players can decide for themselves what exactly it is they do. Smugglers, Pirates, Bounty Hunters, Spies, Resistance operatives, etc.

Once that decision is made, the actual plot of the game will alter itself around that. There is a plot idea, but the nature of a starship means that the players might decided to go sandbox, which is also fine.

Now, while I have created the game, I am a legendarily bad GM no matter what game I run. I seem to have much in the way of ideas and planning, but not so much rolling with unexpected player actions, and adapting the game to reflect that. I also really need at least a co-GM because I don't want this fun idea to fizzle and die because of my awful GMing abilities. So if you know anyone, or want to yourself, don't hesitate to send me a message, in addition to player RTJs.
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Sun 1 Dec 2019
at 17:36
Star Wars Saga Edition: The Hidden War
In reply to DJ-Anarchy (msg # 1):

I'd be interested in playing or GMing something like this.

Are you looking for a co-GM, someone to GM for you, or either?