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Sun 1 Dec 2019
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Rim World Lancers (LANCER RPG)
You are the last remnants of a Lancer company that escaped massacre, drifting through space in the distant rim of human-controlled space. Awakened after an unknown time in statis, you find yourself at the helm of a dropship with a small crew of hardy mechs are your disposal.

From here on out, you're on your own.

Rim World Lancers is a game about intrigue, politics, exploration and character growth in the distant future. Your characters will be novice lancers that have survived a terribly event only to find themselves alone and without any bonds to the past - only a vast quadrant of space filled with opportunity and a few mechs ready for battle.

Where you go from there will be entirely up to you as you interact with the strange, almost alien worlds in the rim - the end goals of such a venture, of course, up to you. Form your own mercenary company, start a revolution, create your own corporation, conquer the stars - and more.

While I'm a novice to the Lancer RPG system, I'm very eager to host it as it appears to be phenomenal. As such, there may be some jank in the beginning - I hope this is not an issue!

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