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Wed 18 Dec 2019
at 18:44
D&D's Birthright Setting, PF2 (or maybe 5e)
They had been digging for months, it seems.   Following the whispers of the Delver, they had passed through or by seam after seam of silver, ores, gems, even some gold.  The Ancients forbade mining here, in the Sacred Peak, but The Delver spoke to the Dark, and the Dark answered him.

Power, they had gotten.  Strength too.  Spoils aplenty - bright blades, dark armors, rams, slaves, gold.

But the costs must be paid.  Kettak thought not, and lived only long enough to see his children die.

Dig then they did; without ceasing it seemed, for weeks, it seemed.  Servants of the Delver, some like them, some more foul, followed them providing foods and drink; carting the debris; they would return to mine the wealth they discovered, but for now, they followed the Delver.

The air grew hotter as they went down.  Unnaturally hot.  Softer stone in unnatural layers with harder.  Then Enik swung his pick at a face of basalt and it split like a head under an axe; a wall was revealed - made by hands - and a glowing sigil upon it burned, red with heat.

The Delver traced it with a finger, oblivious to the burning of the hot metal; then stepped back and chanted until the sigil turned white hot; in the center, another symbol appeared; a circle around a seven sided box; Margul the Giant hit it square with his maul, and the World Fell.


Sanguine Destiny is a clearing house for all the games I run in the Birthright campaign setting.

This game, a new game, will be based in Anuire about 50 years after the traditional timeline.  It is rated Mature.

I'm planning on using PF2.  I may use 5e.  All the details for how to join this game 'Destiny's Cast' are in the thread 'Character Creation for Destiny's Cast'.

I'm flexible.  If you're interested, PM me and tell me what you want to do.  We'll talk.

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