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 member, 13 posts
Fri 17 Jan 2020
at 19:39
Shadowrun Blackbox - looking for creative player ideas
(Shadowrun) Chrome and Easy Nuyen

Looking for 2-3 players to start up story-driven SR blackbox game.

Gritty, cyberpunk with elves and mana bolts?  Dodge bullets for a few quick bucks?  Voluntarily have a street doc hack your limbs off for "like-new" cybernetically enhanced replacements?  Sell out to a mega-corp for a steady paycheck and furnished suite in the corporate enclave?

What's not to love?

Check out the game at link and feel free to RTJ.

link to another game

Note this is a mature rated game and as such an players who RTJ must adhere to RPOL site policy for posting and viewing mature material.
 member, 17 posts
Sat 15 Jan 2022
at 02:43
Shadowrun Blackbox - looking for creative player ideas
Shadowrun game set in 2060 San Francisco / Oakland using black box mechanics based on the Sixth World hack of Dungeon World (PbtA).

The game recently resurrected after suffering a long period of inactivity.  Iím looking for 1-2 new players who can post once or twice a week. I would really like someone interested in taking over any of these orphaned characters but original character concepts are also welcome.

Hellfire teenaged orc poser boy, tech savvy drone and vehicle rigger looking for a way out of the Orkland dregs.

Acme twenty-something coyote shaman with an old soul; reluctant shadowrunner, temporary college professor and sometimes agent of the Great Dragon Hestaby.

Laurie well into her 40s but with elven vigour and the advantages of a physical adept; sick of scraping by through gang-life and street crime she is looking to put her talents to better use specializing in paranormal investigations.

Venom physically ravaged by war, this grievously injured young veteran is intent on running the shadows as a decker while scraping up enough nuyen to make his body whole again.

Hope to see you in the shadows, chummer.

link to another game

Edit: found a player for Venom

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