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Lt Gargoyle
 member, 13 posts
Mon 10 Feb 2020
at 01:27
Looking for players for 2nd ed Forgotten realms.
  This game is an adult-rated game. no minors allowed.

 I will start the party out and get the game moving in the beginning. but after that, it is up to you as the players set the tone of what they want to do. I rarely have a tavern where players go and find endless adventures. Yes, there are always rumors, but since The Players are the Heroís, very few townsí folks will have rumors of worth. They are the people who farm and run their villages or townships.

 If a character wants a special type of treasure whether itís a magical item or something non-magical, they can let me know their taking time and doing the research, I will allow them to find something close to what they are searching for. That does not mean it will be without cost or without peril, but thatís what it means to be an adventurer.  I do play a heavy Magic world. That said it does not mean every NPC has a magical item nor can you just walk into every trading post/shop and pick up a magical item. Yes In the realms there are shops that sell magical items, especially in the Underdark, but you will have to search them out.

 I will not railroad your characters into doing something they do not wish to do. But if all your Characters do is sit in a tavern waiting for something to happen, they may be in for a long wait. I will give adventures, but your characters need to take initiative. This brings us to the next point, sometimes itís better to run from certain encounters instead of trying to stand your ground and die. I let dice decide the character's fate. I need not cheat and will never hide a combat roll from the Players. I am a storyteller, not your enemy, not your friend. (not in-game at any rate) I will run the NPCís and monsters as their intelligence dictates. Dragons are super intelligent

  I will be using modules and other source materials but not always the way it is set up. Since I know everyone can get their hands on those same resource material.

  We will be playing in the Forgotten Realms, ten years after the time of troubles. so players pretty much have access to gear and other supplies without much issue. It will be about a month into spring, and yes I will be keeping track of time in this game. However, that said I will run time-lapse in the game during great travel periods. So unless an encounter happens while youíre traveling I will skip ahead.

  I want the PCs to be involved in this world. So I want players to post about once a day, but no less than once every other day. I have found when posting goes slower than that, the games seem to fizzle out. And I would like this game to go the distance.

   I am always open to questions and if there are rules that a player has questions on, please bring it up. After all Dungeons and Dragons are no better than any other systems and they all have inconsistencies that need to be dealt with. So if itís brought to my attention I can fix that issue. I will make a Q & A section in the House rules for this very issue.

 I do not require a group to be a balanced party as most DM/GM, so if you want to play a certain class or race and you meet all the requirements then I am open to it. However, if you play a Drow Elf youíre going to run into issues. Despite Drizzitís presence on the surface world. Most villagers see racial stereotypes and ill run them with their superstitions when they see Monstrous creatures.

  exceptions are no dragons, no pysonist, god or demigods, demons. so dont ask.
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