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Kobold the Kobold
 member, 2 posts
Mon 10 Feb 2020
at 20:31
DnD 5e - Troubles at the Northern Frontier
The Solaris Empire, stretching all across the Summerlands, is in dire need of lumber, both for constructing its new war fleet and fueling its growing steel industry. To satiate its needs, the Empire turned North to the uncharted lands of Automnia and the millennial trees of the Warden Forest, at the edge of the known world.

The town of Hullsburg, founded about a decade ago, now stands ominously against the mist and the mud of Automnia's cold mornings. Its inhabitants all came there to start anew ; they all have a past they wished to flee.

However, since recently, lumberjacks began talking of strange noise coming from deep within the forest, and some hunters expeditions have stopped returning to town. Rumors started to spread, as did fear and paranoia.

Could it be that they disturbed some ancient and powerful magic laying dormant since now?

This is my first RPoL campaign as DM (I have been a player and part-time DM for about 10 years), that has already been tested in real life. I am still learning about the 5e, but will be using standard reference material (sometimes with a sprinkle of homebrew). Rule-wise, I will be pretty flexible for most aspect of the game ;)

The game will unfold in a low magic, dark and gritty setting part of a bigger homemade world. As a DM, I will work on creating rich, immersive atmospheres and integrating the players in a bigger world while developing their character.

I aim to take in about 5-7 players max. For this specific quest, player levels will span from 4 to approximately 6. Feel free to have a look at the character creation rules & home rules threads, as well as the world description thread for the game!
 member, 2 posts
Fri 14 Feb 2020
at 20:24
DnD 5e - Troubles at the Northern Frontier
if you are still looking for a player let me know. i have plenty experience with 5e

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