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Wed 12 Feb 2020
at 07:52
D&D 3.5 (General / Eclipse) Domain Building
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NOTE: Per the RPOL Forum Rules this is an Adult rated game.

It is classified as Adult. This is not because there's going to be any explicit sex. Trust me; there are better written sex scenes out there than anything you're going to manage and I REALLY doubt that you have anything truly new to say on the subject. If it comes to that, just note it and move on. It's rated Adult because this is a d20 world, and thus offers occasional gratuitous violence and massive imbalances of personal power. People have a regrettable tendency to treat those weaker than themselves as victims or property - and so slavery is common in several of the major societies of Atheria. I'm counting that as an "adult theme".

Atheria is an Eclipse (Point Buy) d20 3.5 sandbox setting focusing on the (re-) colonization of a recently depopulated region with a starting level of four. Characters are expected to be trying to establish their own domains and may be working together or be working independently. Players who are unused to point-buy d20 may opt to start off using classes from almost any sourcebook. They can usually be fit into an Eclipse setting pretty readily - although the setting does restrict spells, psionic powers, and similar abilities of levels 4+.

Race is generally restricted Humans with Atherian Birthrights - although that covers a rather wide variety of racial types. The vast majority of Templates and other races are not available.

Game Intro:
Atheria is not a world for men, but merely a place of refuge.
It's ways are old beyond measure, the presence of men yet young upon it.
It's magic runs it's own way, it's depths beyond men's mastery.
In each great domain one power holds sway, binding with each new life.
A Birthright that shapes the region, and the life within it, in it's own image.
The realms of Order, of the Sun, of Blood and Shadow, of Life - and of Death.
Men trespass upon antiquity, challenging the order of things.
They press beyond the ancient boundaries, seek to shape the world to their will.
What course shall you set? What legacy shall you leave?

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