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 member, 105 posts
Thu 26 Mar 2020
at 23:45
Theogenesis: The Chronicles
Once upon a time...

The World Tree Yggdrasil ... It has many stories, some finished ... some never resolved. Yet here we are, attempting once again to tell the story of the great tree as well as those who help shape its fate, the many gods of the realm supernatural. Although is it the gods or the people who shape the fate of the world tree is a matter of debate. Which came first the chicken or the egg? Which shapes which, the gods or the people who worship them.

This is Yggdrasil and this is the story that wasn't told... a new story or old is a matter of perspective, but the story is shaped by the players...

Welcome to Yggdrasil

Once, you might have been human or perhaps you were some animal? Perhaps you were something else entirely, yet somehow by some trick of fate... or a flip of a coin you have ascended to become something more... a God.

Theogenesis: The Chronicles

You have been born in the Realm Divine also known as the Realm Supernatural and you have been heralded a God. You have been given a realm and great power. This might excite you. This might bore you. It may corrupt you. It does not matter. This world is yours.

Objectives and Goals

Your character's objectives are their own. They may be any number of things: exploration, conquest, the protection of the World-Tree, knowledge, enlightenment. All of these things and more are available to a young God. Politics, too, are extremely important within the Realm Divine: most feuds are settled with words and poison, not blades and thunder. Still, combat is rife within this Realm, and within the other Realms, one might come upon. If it is your character's desire to fight in a war, they will be spoiled for choice.

By Foun
This is actually Foun not Nat! (One of the original Theogenesis Players from 15 years ago.) And yes these are a copy-paste from dust with revisions and alterations. About Jesus... 15 years ago now? 16? Nat created 'Theogenesis' the original... and from that spark came an inferno of creativity. Theogenesis has been remade and copied and bore spin-offs galore. Even now 15 years later you will still find a Theogenesis on RPOL ... almost always. It is an incredible game and it was what got me interested in online RP in the first place... We love you Nat and we couldn't be so inspired for this if it wasn't for you. What you created was amazing and incredible, and I am proud and honored to be one of many who carry the torch.
 member, 106 posts
Fri 3 Apr 2020
at 00:04
Theogenesis: The Chronicles
We have a handful of active players, but always looking for more! Come join in on the fun! If you have a Theogenesis itch to scratch we're active and regular with updates once or twice a day if not more! Also God Game! For those of you who love to play Gods.
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