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Argentum Draco Dominus
 member, 2 posts
Sat 28 Mar 2020
at 22:42
Players Wanted for Yugioh! Call of the Duel
It is the year 20XX. At the crossroads of the Eastern Mediterranean, the island of Rhodes stands between the three ancient lands of Greece, Anatolia, and most importantly, Egypt. Once a mere tourist spot and historical site, this island gained a renewed purpose when Duel Monsters Archaeology became a promising profession. After hosting many a conference and seeing much of the great explorers of old tread its sands, Rhodes saw renewed effort put into it; museums for the great archaeological finds of the past were built, the island itself became one of the most built-up ports in the eastern Mediterranean, and at its center was built the Colossus Academy; a Duelist's College for the promising young duelists from New York to New Domino City. Though far from the most prestigious Duel School in the world, Colossus Academy has an impressive pedigree and is right at the center of the world of archaeology for the Duel Monster's profession. When something new is discovered, it comes here first, and there have been rumors of a new discovery for years...

Yugioh! Call of the Duel is a Yugioh fan-game that combines light RP with online deck-building and the mechanics of the titular card game. This particular game has been up for almost 4 years now, but not much has happened in that time. I'm hoping to change that; to finish a decent story arc before retiring the game altogether. Unless it proves popular, in which case I'll probably keep it going for as long as the players are interested.

At least 3 players wanted, but 4 or 5 total will also be manageable.

If you want to join, build a deck with an online deck-builder of your choice, and draft a character according to the template below. If you're worried about timelines, the game will most likely be set in the 5Ds timeline, about 2 years after the final arc (2030 AD, to be precise), so keep your deck to Synchro Archetypes. Your deck should be at most a 60-card deck, with a 15-card side-deck and Extra-Deck. RMAIL me your finished character sheet.

*Character Sheet*
Age: *14-22: Colossus Academy has both High-School and University level programs. Include a specific birthday if you want.*
Nationality: *No, you don't HAVE to be Japanese*

Appearance: *Face, hairstyle, build, usual style of casual dress, etc* At least 3 lines...also feel free to include an imbedded image of your character if there's art you want to use.

Personality: *Virtues, vices, fears, etc* At least 3 lines...

Biography: *General life-story; include how your character got attached to their deck's archetype/theme, and a loose hook to explain why the character is attending Colossus Academy.* At least 3 lines...

- - - - -
Deck: *Name* (Theme/Archetype)

Monsters List (#)

Spells List (#)

Traps List (#)

Extra Deck (#)

Side-Deck (#) *Note: This will be your starting reserve of spare cards; you won't be able to just swap whatever cards you want out of your deck willy-nilly. Fill this up wisely.

Summoning Chants: *For signature monsters and your more powerful monsters; read the manga or look some up for inspiration.*

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Argentum Draco Dominus
 member, 3 posts
Fri 3 Apr 2020
at 19:19
Players Wanted for Yugioh! Call of the Duel
Bump. Also, here's an example Character Sheet based on an NPC I'll be running:

Name: Philip Cobbleswrought
Sex: Male
Age: 20, born 14th of February, 2014
Nationality: English

Philip is a rather plain-looking young man; a tousle of brown hair and hazel-coloured eyes, light freckling across his face, and a pair of hex-framed glasses sitting upon his nose. He's rather thin and tall, standing at 180 cm, giving him a stretched appearance. He generally wears a white button-up shirt beneath a tweed jacket and brown pair of jeans.

Philip is a fiercely intelligent and intellectual young man, obsessed with his studies on Duel-Monster's Archaeology. This hobby usually serves as his yardstick for making new friends; if someone is at least interested in the matter, then he tolerates them. If they prove as adept at him in their knowledge of Archaeology, then he very well considers them a friend. However, the people who meet this latter criteria are few and far between; as a result, he tends to be aloof and solitary, yet still polite.

Phillip was born to a Duelist's family in Newcastle, England; more specifically, a family of professional, tournament-level duelists, of which he was the third child. His older brother and sister were already accomplished duelists by the time he was entering high-school, where Philip began to explore his fascination with the ancient history of Duel-Monsters. By the end of his high-school career, he was firmly ensconced in the field, having achieved the highest marks of any of his peers before being approached by a representative from Colossus Academy. Before, Philips parents were likely unsatisfied with the bookish pursuits of their youngest child. However, being offered a scholarship to a world-renowned institution by none other than the esteemed Professor Edward Sunderlocke, he was allowed to continue his studies. Thus, Philip Cobbleswrought became an Undergraduate student at Colossus Academy, and has remained so for the last 2 years. He is one of Professor Sunderlocke's prize pupils, and often his right-hand man whenever he has been on excavations for the last 2 years.
- - - - -
Deck: Avalanche (Rock-Types)

Monsters (27)
Tune Warrior
Gaia Plate The Earth Giant
Block Dragon
Power Giant
Castle Gate
Big-Piece Golem
Guardian Sphynx
Rockstone Warrior
Medium-Piece Golem
Tackle Crusader
Barrier Statue of the Drought
Golem Sentry
Earth Effigy
Lost Guardian
Elephant Statue of Disaster
Elephant Statue of Blessing
Sentry-Soldier of Stone x2
Clock Resonator
Small-Piece Golem
The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion
Block Golem
Quick-Span Knight
Counselor Lily
Dummy Golem

Spells (15)
Polymerization x2
Level Lifter x2
Token Sundae
Token Thanksgiving
Stray Lambs
Smashing Ground
Scapegoat x2
Magnet Reverse
Attack the Moon!
United We Stand
Rockfall Area

Traps (18)
Spike-Shield with Chain
Rock Bombardment x3
Defense-Draw x2
Trap Stun
D2 Shield
Limit Reverse
Tyrant's Temper
Token Stampede
Tyrant's Tantrum
Tyrant's Tummyache
Tyrant's Tirade
Call of the Haunted
Negate Attack
United Front

Extra Deck (7)
Multiple-Piece Golem
Ogre-Rock Castle
Scrap Archefiend
Naturia Landoise
Gaia Knight, Force of Earth
Mighty Warrior
Gravity Warrior

Side-Deck (14)
Giant Soldier of Stone
Megarock Dragon
Big-Piece Golem x2
Medium-Piece Golem x2
Naturia Rock
Counselor Lily
Small-Piece Golem x2
Descending Lost Star
Regretful Rebirth
Token Feastevil
Tyrant's Tantrum

Summoning Chants:

Ogre Rock Caste:
"Brick by brick, the obelisk rises, to stand the test of time and ages! Rock Ogre Castle, stand and fight!"

Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth:
"From ages lost, but never forgotten, let the Earth's champion ride again! Force of Earth, Knight of Gaia, CHAAAARGE!"

Multiple Piece Golem:
"Together you stand, and together you shall not falter! I call on the might of my Multiple-Piece Golem!"
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