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Mon 30 Mar 2020
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(D&D 5e: Eberron) Rising from the Last War
In the wake of a long and terrible war, a world struggles to find its destiny. Will it descend once more into brutal conflict and end in spectacular annihilation, or will the world emerge at last unto a new era of peace and prosperity?

At this moment, a handful of heroes--you and your allies--might hold the fate of the world in their hands.

This is a world whose destiny is hidden in the mysterious prophecies of dragons, tempered by a powerful magic, and forged in bloody warfare.


Rising From The Last War, a 5e D&D play-by-post campaign in the world of Eberron

Game Overview: A swashbuckling game of intrigue and high adventure. This game will begin with 1st level characters in Sharn: The City of Towers, using a short adventure, Forgotten Relics, designed as an introduction to the iconic city and as a springboard for future adventures. Where it goes from there? Who knows...

General Setting Information: Eberron is a world of swashbuckling action, intrigue, fantasy, magic, and great dynasties. In this world of many wonders, from dragonmarked houses, warforged automatons, deadly dungeons, elemental skyships, lightning rails, scheming cabals, portals to distant planes, the scars of a devastating war, and more...heroes come forth to save the day.

Posting Requirements: I will be aiming for a posting rate of one post every one to two days. My posting availability is generally only during the evening hours Monday to Friday (Central Standard Time), with more availability during the weekends.

However, life takes precedence over gaming and I realize there will be periods where our posting rate slows down. All I ask is for players to communicate planned absences so I know what's going on and can plan accordingly. I will let players know when I will be tied up with real-life circumstances and expect the same consideration and courtesy from the players. Open communication is key to the success of a PbP.

Casting Information: Seeking four 1st level characters.


If you are still reading this and interested in playing in this game, RTJ information and other game-related information may be found here:

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Thu 2 Apr 2020
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(D&D 5e: Eberron) Rising from the Last War
Starting cast has been selected and game is no longer seeking RTJs. Thanks!