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  • It has 3 posts and is run by SirSpooky-Chan.
  • Its last post was made at 16:09, Tuesday, 31 March 2020.
  • The game is currently requesting players.

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 member, 5 posts
Mon 30 Mar 2020
at 22:18
Players Wanted For a Pokemon Campaign!
Hello there I am SirSpooky-Chan and I am looking for players to play through my Pokemon campaign. This campaign is a humans only campaign and if you want to join just ask and tell me which pokemon you want as a starter then I shall tell you whither or not you can have it. If you have questions just let me know.

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 member, 2 posts
Thu 2 Apr 2020
at 21:11
Players Wanted For a Pokemon Campaign!
Hey there! I am brand new to the site and your ad looked pretty interesting. I have had an interest in a Pokemon themed RPG for a while, and yours sounds pretty cool! I have never played a Pokemon ttrpg before, only DND 2E and 5E, but I am familiar enough with most of the Pokemon video games that I should probably catch on pretty quickly.

I do have two short questions about your game though:
1. Will you want all/most trainers to be single type? I'm cool with that or letting people have whatever they want, but I am kind of wanting to try being a single type trainer because I think it makes role playing a little more interesting.
2. Is there going to be any restriction based on region for Pokemon?

I would want my starting Pokemon to be a male Toxel, but if that's not allowed I would want a male Pichu.
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