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Tue 31 Mar 2020
at 00:14
Princes of Tortugia
Searching For: players (DMs welcome too)
Game: D&D 5e (includes Grits & Glory content)
Group preferred: PbP (Play-by-Post)
Experience: any (love of reading backgrounds and written stuff preferred)
Location/Timezone: Any
Availability: Any (able to log in at least once per week preferred)
Game style: Long haul campaign, "Game of Throne"-like overarching power struggle using Diplomacy rules, downtime activities, crafting, PvP arenas, "West Marches" style missions,...

Somewhere between the planes, there is a demi-plane ruled by seven powerful princes and princesses, each one of them skilled and sophisticated, some of them aloof, cruel and unforgiving, while others are caring and benevolent. Each of them possess a sliver of power, a special amulet that is tied to Tortugia in a way no other magic item is.

In this kingdom are those that sail freely through the shadowmists that surround the kingdom. They call themselves Rovers, and they are the only ones able to come and go from Tortugia as they please. Their bond to the kingdom is mysterious, rooted in a strange magic of dreams, colors and slivers, as they have answered the call of the mists and bound themselves to one of the monoliths.

Some in their midst have brazenly chosen a debauched and vicious life style, while others have embraced their heritage to fight evil and do good deeds.

All Rovers are hoping one day to gain enough renown to be called to seat with the other princes and princesses of Tortugia themselves, but they must build their reputation first, and strive to attract the current princes favors. Either by taking commissions for a Prince to lead their army, fighting in the training pits, brawling or going out in missions, crafting, or gambling, it is up to each rover to build their own story...

Do you have what it takes to become a Rover?

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