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Mon 6 Apr 2020
at 01:34
Electric Bastionland
Bastion. The Electric Hub of Mankind. The Only City That Matters.

Bastion is a great urban sprawl unlike any other. All around it there is only wilderness, dotted with small villages and crumbling towns like stars in the night sky. Inside Bastion is modernity, outside is only the fragments of the past.  The Age of Electricity has just begun, bringing radio, electric monorails, neon lights, film, and of course, electric weapons. Humans are not alone here. There are the Mockeries, artificial creatures which resemble talking animals, often manufactured by thinking machines deep below the city. There are also Aliens, descended from the Living Stars.

You and your compatriots live here. You have each failed to make a living in an honest profession, and fallen into debt. To pay back this debt, you have no choice except to pillage valuables from dangerous places. There is plenty to be had within the city walls, and even more if you venture out into older places.

Will you be able to get out from under the thumb of your creditor? If you do, how will you change in the process?

Electric Bastionland is a very simple, old-school treasure-hunting game with an urban gonzo twist. Characters are randomly generated, and can die easily if you decide to do risky things. Characters do not progress in any typical sense. They will gain HP as they receive Scars from taking damage, and can maybe raise their stats with experimental technology. However, most of their growth will be personal growth. The core of the game is watching how the characters change as they face dangerous and stressful situations in their attempt to escape debt and poverty, hence the 'Punk' genre tag. I'm sure the other two are self explanatory.

A free preview of the rules can be found on or I highly recommend reading the setting material and sample of ten Failed Careers, to learn more about the setting. Learning the rules is not necessary, but feel free to do so.
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Sun 19 Apr 2020
at 00:14
Electric Bastionland
Still looking for players!
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