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Tue 7 Apr 2020
at 04:47
Secrets for You and Me
A town unfound on a map. A town most haven't heard of and those who might have would think is just another backwater town in bayou. This town has more secrets than they could ever imagine. Founded by the five families who still seem to rule it today, the Marseilles, Druix, LaRues, Jacques, and Tennessons are the town's secret keepers. The town was founded in the 1800 by these five families, they all hold positions of power either as city officials, real estate and constructions moguls, doctors, you name it, they probably have their hand in the honey pot of that field.

Many have said that there used to be ritual sacrifices, witchcraft in the town through out the decades. That thirteen young girls were sacrificed in an old field off of Marsh road back in the 1800s, that there is something... off about the founding families, and that people hear screaming in the woods if they listen close enough.  Some say the town is a haven for the supernatural and though the human's talk, they whisper and wonder, they know not of the secrets the five families keep within.

Care to find out?

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