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 member, 26 posts
Wed 29 Apr 2020
at 01:00
Tyranny of Dragons D&D 5e
I am looking for players for the start up of a Tyranny of Dragons game. If you are interested in applying for the game, please review the RTJ thread and the and Character Creation thread before sending a request.

The game will start at level 1 and use milestone leveling up not exp.

I am looking for anyone who wishes to play and have fun, just please review the above mentioned threads on the game linked here: link to another game

Application closes on 5/2/20. I will be accepting 5 players, so please feel free to drop by and see if it will be for you.

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 member, 27 posts
Sat 21 Nov 2020
at 02:19
Tyranny of Dragons D&D 5e
The game has had several players drop, we are still early on in the game and are seeking two replacements. An arcane caster preferably a Wizard, and a healer either Cleric or Druid.

The link in the post above will still take you to the game. I recommend reading the character creation rules and making sure you are okay with them before sending an RTJ.

The only material allowable for play is the Player's Handbook and the Dungeon Master's guide no other sources or materials are allowed.

The only changes will be that characters joining the game will be starting at level 2.
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