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Wed 20 May 2020
at 06:31
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
When Union Colonel Andrew Keane led his blue-coated soldiers aboard the transport ship, he could not have foreseen that their next port of call would be neither the North or South but on an alternate world where no human was free.  Storm-swept through a space-time warp, Keane's regiment was shipwrecked in an alien land, a land where all that stood between them and destruction was the power of rifles over swords, spears and crossbows.

Into this serfdom ruled by nobles and the Church, Keane and his men brought the radical ideas of freedom, equality and democracy - and technology centuries ahead of the world they must now call home.  Yet their knowledge and training might not save them from the true rulers there - creatures to whom all humans were considered mere cattle, bred for sacrifice!



This game is set in the world of The Lost Regiment, a series of books by William R. Forstchen.  We are using a customised set of rules based on the Star Frontiers system and including elements of Boot Hill and GURPs Old West and new developments.

The player characters will begin the game as members of a 35th Maine regiment, the 44th New York Light Artillery, sailors from the "Ogunquit" a US Navy transport vessel or nurses from the Christian Sanitation Committee.

The story begins January 2nd 1865. City Point, Virginia (major supply and shipment center supporting the Union Army besieging Petersburg and Richmond)

As the game progresses there will be opportunities for new players to join the action as our heroes embark on a series of adventures in this new world.


The mechanics for this game are currently in development in a Test Play also being run here on RPoL so the main story line for this game will likely begin several months from now, however Character Generation is now open for anyone interested in registering and if a couple of months is too long to wait, there is also room for more Test Players with the fictional but legendary F Troop, 13th US Cavalry.

New or experienced role players are welcome.

 member, 24 posts
Thu 28 May 2020
at 08:15
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Character Generation is now open for players who wish to join the 35th Maine, 44th New York, the crew of the Naval Transport "Ogunquin" or medical staff from the Christian Sanitation Commission.

Uncle Sam CaptainHellrazor Wants You!
 member, 32 posts
Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 09:19
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
January 2, 1865
City point, Virginia (major supply and shipment center supporting the Union Army besieging Petersburg and Richmond)

Artillery thundered in the distance, the silhouette of Petersburg revealed by the bursting shells as the blue column threaded it's way through the night, away from the besieged city.  Finally they crested a low hill where the military depot and anchorage of City Point lay spread out below.

Colonel Andrew Lawrence Keane sat upon his horse Mercury, talking with Sergeant Major Hans Schuder as the column marched past on it's way down to the docks.

"35th Maine!" a voice shouted from out of the shadows.  "Is this the 35th?"
"Over here," Hans snapped, and a portly man came lumbering up from the dock.
"You're late, we've already missed the damn tide."
The conversation between the officers continued as the 35th marched down to the dock to board the transport ship Ogunquit

"Say Hawthorne, there's the ship."

Vincent Hawthorne looks up from staring at the pack of the man in front of him to see the shadow of his commanding officer and the ship waiting for them.
"Wonder how many of us bloody Keane will kill this time."
"Come on Hinsen, he ain't that bad."
"All officers are bastards."
Jim Hinsen snarled. "Look what he did to us at Gettysburg, and in the Wilderness for that matter.  Plugged us right in the middle of the fight the bastard did."
"Shut up you little cus.  You damn whining cur." 
Sergeant Barry snapped.  "You two weren't even there! You're nothing but fresh fish, damned draftees and bounty boys, so don't say 'us' when you speak of this regiment, until you've seen the elephant and earned the right."

The rest of the new recruits had the sense to stay silent as they marched onto the dock and up the ramp to board the Ogunquit.  A sailor showed each company to their quarters below deck where the artillerymen from the 44th New York Light Artillery were already squared away.
"There are a couple of nurses from the Christian Sanitation Commission on board as well.  There quarters are strictly off limits!" the sailor informs the new arrivals.  "We sail within the hour."
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Sun 14 Jun 2020
at 12:41
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
January 6th, 1865
400 miles south west of Bermuda

Captain Tobias Cromwell, insisted that he keep to his schedule and the growing storm would not interfere, passed the Ogunquit out of the Cheasapeake and into the Atlantic even as the wind gusts picked up to 30 knots.  From there things had only gotten worse, as the weather deteriorated, driving them south west in gales of near hurricane proportions.  The boilers long since damped down, they were now running bare-poled before the wind.
For the first time in more than three days, some of the men of the 35th and 44th realize the seasickness has left them.  Or was it that their bellies had nothing left to bring up?  Mountainous waves constantly pound the Ogunquit and below decks men, and a couple of women, are taking a battering, helpless and at the mercy of mother nature.
As the storm appeared to be reaching a crescendo after more than 3 days, the battering of the waves increased in size and power and then a strange blinding light stabbed out toward the ship.  The light seemed to curl and twist and flow through the ship almost like a liquid, first expanding outward, then contracting and expanding again, bigger each time.  Quickly the entire ship is enveloped in the strange light.
All sound suddenly ceased, the wind and waves still seeming to rock the boat but not a sound.  Then an explosion of light, the ship and everything around you disappears and you are falling.  Falling endlessly. Nothing.

You awake groaning from a massive headache, worse than any hangover you have ever experienced, more drained than after any illness.  The Ogunquit is a shambles both above and below decks where belongings, equipment and bodies are sprawled everywhere at every angle.  Most of the men appear to be alive and uninjured but not everyone.  There are cries from the injured and trapped and even more disturbing sounds coming from where the horses were stabled.

Are you ready to join these brave Yankees in their far flung adventures?
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Sun 21 Jun 2020
at 14:32
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
  As the host continued to deploy, there was no real order to it.  From out of the cavalry column half a dozen riders broke away and started to canter across the field in front of the peasant mob.  Distant shouts echoed out and several hundred yards away, the enemy army came to a halt.
  A loud chant went up, drifting on the late afternoon breeze.  From out of a high wheeled cart traveling with the cavalry there appeared several men dressed in long flowing robes of gold and silver.  each carried a smoldering pot on the end of a length of chain.  Swinging the pots over their heads they began to walk down the length of the line.  As one, the thousands of men dropped to their knees.
  "They're blessing themselves."  Pat O'Donald whispered, and even as he spoke he made the sign of the cross, as did many of the men in his command.  Watching through his field glasses he observes, "Looks like they are doing it backwards though."  He mumbles.
  After another brief conversation,
  "Load solid shot!"  O'Donald bellows.
  "35th Maine, fix bayonets!"  Colonel Keane commands.  "Companies C through K, prime and load."  Hundreds of rammers are pulled, charges bitten open and powder and shot slammed in.
  "Companies A and B load blank charges only and deploy behind the artillery."  Men are looking nervously around them, wondering what their commander is planning.  "C through K companies, you will fire only on my command.  I want all weapons at shoulder arms.  I will personally shoot any man who levels a rifle before my command."
  The regiment silent, almost numbed by the bizarre sight before them.  Colonel Keane faced the double rank of companies drawn up behind the artillery.
  "I don't think they understand who we are. If we give them a good scare without bloodshed we might be able to talk with them later.  It'll be up to them, but when I give the command, aim high and fire off a damned good volley.  Then we'll see what happens."
  "One of them coming up, sir." 
Sergeant Major Hans says as he comes up to stand beside Colonel Keane.
  A lone horseman bearing the crossed swords standard started to gallop toward their line.  As the horseman drew closer he was like something out of a Sir Walter Scott novel.  An armored knight coming to demand submission.  But the man approaching looked more like a ragged beggar than a knight.  His armor was nothing more than a dozen heavy plates stitched to a leather tunic.  A sword belted at his waist and the heavy lance he carried glinting in the reddish sun.  There was something not quite right about that sun.  Too big perhaps?
  "K Kakomu boyaru vy podchinyaetes?"  The rider called out to Colonel Keane who had mounted the defensive perimeter.  He shook his head in response to the rider.
  "Nemedlenno mne otvechayte!  Boyary Ivor-i-Boros trebuyut bashey nemedlennoy sdachi."
  Colonel Keane extended his right hand outwards.
  "I am Colonel Keane of the 35th Maine Volunteers, of the United States Army."
  The rider reined back his horse several paces.
  "Vy yazychnik, vy ne govorite po hashemv yazyku.  Zavaytes!"
  There was a note of fear in the mans voice and there was something strangely familiar about the language.
  "O'Donald, get out here!"
  The rider watches the towering red headed Irishman clamber out of the gun position and reins his horse back several more paces.
  "You said you saw them make the sign of the cross?"
  "That I did colonel."
  "Then do likewise."

  A look of solemn concentration comes over Pat's face and raising his right hand, he made the sign of the Catholic faith.
  "Vy nad nami nasheetivayes!"  The horseman roars, leaning forward he spits on the ground and gallops back to the waiting host.
  "I think we better get inside." Pat says as he drags Colonel Keane back into their position.
  "You made a mistake!"  Emil shouted, trying to be heard of the roaring host.
  "I'll tell you later."
  Emil shakes his head and heads back to the medical tent.
  Andrew cursed at himself as he realized the mistake.
  "Here they come, Colonel" Hans shouted.
  By the thousands the infantry started forward, the cavalry swinging wide toward the beach at a canter.
  "When I tell you Pat.  Companies A and B, present!"  A hundred rifles come to shoulder, aimed high into the air.  Colonel Keane waited until the enemy were within 200 yards...
  A sheet of flame and smoke snapped out, the thundering volley echoing across the field.  The wild advance slowed, nearly halting.
  "Now Pat, let's scare the devil out of them."
  O'Donald shouldered the gunner aside, grabbed the lanyard and pulled.  The Napoleon canon leaped back, belching a tongue of fire and billowing smoke, the thunderclap echoing across the field.
  Through the thick smoke, the men of the 35th and 44th Maine could see thousands of peasants throwing aside their pitchforks and clubs and streaming to the rear in panic.  A total and complete rout! And a great cheer rises up from the men.

What would you do next?  Find out, send an RTJ today!
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Sat 18 Jul 2020
at 09:53
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
  Not even a week has passed since the blue-coated warriors arrived in the land of the Rus through the Gates of Light.  Their smoke sticks and thunder makers drove off the army of the local boyar until a brave Rus peasant boldly approached the camp of the blue-coats, befriended their leader and learned to speak their tongue.

  Now the blue coats come to treat with boyar Ivor for their lives but Ivor's brother Mikhail has led a palace coup and now Ivor must be saved by the blue-coats.


  The men of A company and Gun No. 1 crew know they are no longer on earth, the two moons in the sky every night for the last 6 days tell them that.  But the people they have met here are definitely humans from earth.  These ones are speaking Russian and their city looks like something from our of a Walter Scott tale of knights and fair damsels.  But then there are those paintings and carvings and statues everywhere of these monstrous, 10 foot tall creatures with fangs and covered in fur that none of the locals will talk about.


Welcome to Valennia and the world of The Lost Regiment!
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Sun 2 Aug 2020
at 09:08
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
  The men of the 35th Maine and the 44th New York have been in this strange alien world for a little over a month and now.  After helping the local lord to put down an attempted palace coup, they have been gifted a plot of land to build their new home, Fort Lincoln.
  Their steam powered ship, the 'Ogunquit', is still considered somewhat of a magical wonder by the medieval Russians who inhabit this world and the Yankees are slowly coming to realize that their future may not be altogether bleak.  True they did not know how they arrived on this world or how they might get back home and there has been some grumbling in the ranks, to be expected from any military unit.
  The knowledge locked in the heads of these men from Maine and New York could well be the difference between surviving this new world, perhaps even building an even better society than the one they left behind.
  But, and there is a very big but, there is much still to be learned about this new world and the locals do not yet trust the Yankees enough to tell them everything about this land, especially those big hairy statues along the side of the road into the city of Suzdal.  The word 'Tugar' seems to strike fear into heart of any of the locals and none have yet been brave or stupid enough to speak any further.
  Who, or what, are these Tugars?
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Wed 12 Aug 2020
at 08:30
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
  For the past few months the players have been learning about the new world they have accidentally come to inhabit and getting to know some of the locals.  As with any group of people there is good and bad everywhere and the players are slowly adjusting to life in a medieval Rus village, very different from the farms of Maine or the streets of New York.
  But a storm is brewing and our heroes are going to need strength and determination and maybe a few more rifle wielding comrades if they are going to see this through.

  Calling all adventurers, I am looking for a few brave souls to join our regiment, the 35th Maine or their brothers in arms the 44th New York Light Artillery in the fight for freedom that lies in the not too distant future!

  Send your RTJ now to join the adventure before things really hot up!
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Fri 21 Aug 2020
at 03:37
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
  "Drop Anchor!"
  Within seconds the landing boats rattled down and the men started to swarm over the side.  The Napoleon fields piece, swinging from the end of a winch, was already poised.  Working feverishly, the sailors swung the gun out and eased it down to the lifeboat, where planks had already been laid across the gunnels.
  Andrew grabbed hold of a sling and was lowered over the side, into a boat already packed with ten men of Tobias command, who, armed with muskets, had been converted into marines.
  Moments later they were ashore.  Company A leaped from their boats and with practiced skill spread out into an open skirmish line, while with much heaving and cursing, O'Donald's men lifted the one-ton artillery piece off the boat and pulled it up on the beach.  The boats were pushed off and headed back to the Ogunquit to pick up Ivor's troops.
  "The village is just on the other side of that ridge, a verst or so away.  That trail through the woods leads straight to it,"  Kal said, pointing to a series of low-lying hills that marched down from the east.
  It was obvious to all that something was happening on the other side of the ridge, for the sky was blanketed by a dark roiling cloud of smoke from the burning town.
  Andrew took another look at the rough map Kal had sketched out for him.  Ivor and his knights would be galloping out from the city, coming up the road toward the village.  He hoped the Novrodians would be looking in that direction, never expecting a flank attack from the direction of the river.  With a little luck they'd hit them hard, driving them back before dark.  Chances were it was nothing but a raid anyhow, but it'd be a good opportunity for the residents of another cite to his men in action, and to solidify his position with the Suzdalians as well.
  "All right, let's move out!"
  Spread in open skirmish line, the fifty men of A Company started into the forest, while O'Donald's men and the converted marines grabbed hold of the traces for the artillery piece and started to pull the Napoleon up the trail.  Behind them Ivor's men were now landing, and moved up behind their advance.
  Running forward, Andrew reached the front of the skirmish line.  The men were grim, silent, back again to the old game they had learned in Virginia of hunting other men.  Instinctively they moved from tree to tree, pausing for a moment, and then with a low rush sprinting ahead another ten yards.  They weren't facing men with rifles, but an arrow could kill just as easily.
  A hundred yards was gained, then another hundred.  As Andrew kept pace with the line, he saw the trail before him straighten out and the crest of the hill a quarter mile away. So close were they now that the crackling roar of the burning village could be plainly heard, with smoke billowing up on the other side of the crest.  he paused and leaned against the trunk of a gnarled oak.
  A flutter of breeze snapped past him.  It took a moment for what happened to register.  Turning, he looked, the arrow buried in the tree next to him was till vibrating.
  "Everybody down!"

  Which in Referee language means "Everyone roll initiative!"
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Wed 2 Sep 2020
at 09:02
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
  The men of the Lost Regiment have just fought there first serious action against some of the residents of this strange new world where they now find themselves.  After making friends with the people of Suzdal, one of the cities of this new land, it seems they are the descendants of medieval Russians who somehow came to this world hundreds of years ago.
  Now the people of Novrod, one of the other Rus cities of this world, have attempted to ambush Colonel Keane and the men of the 35th Maine and the 44th New York Light Artillery.  The Novrodians have learned the hard way not to charge modern, 12 Pounder Napoleons loaded with canister.  The carnage inflicted was devastating as the Yankees drove off more than 5 times their number but they were not without loss themselves.  Ten dead, more than a dozen wounded and two missing, most likely captured by this new enemy.

  What does the future hold for these brave Yankees on this alien world?  Join the action now as a rifleman, artilleryman or sailor in the world of The Lost Regiment.

  This game is set in the world of The Lost Regiment, a series of books written by Willian R Forstchen using a home brewed gaming system for beginner and experienced role playing gamers.
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Tue 29 Sep 2020
at 07:02
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
  For the last six months then men of the Lost Regiment, the 35th Maine and the 44th New York Light Artillery, have started building a new life on this strange world where they now find themselves.  In a realm of medieval Russians, these Yankees have made alliances and new friends among the locals and begun to introduce their technology and ideas.  They have even begun building a railroad, with steam engines!
  Then the Tugar arrived!  These 10 foot tall, devil like creatures that live off human flesh are the true overlords of this world.  Every 20 years they circle the world of horses the size of clydesdales, pillaging the human civilizations and taking 2 in every 10 for their feasting pits.
  Will the Yankees stand by as twenty percent of their number are slaughtered?  Or can they convince their new Rus allies to rise up against their oppressors and fight!

I am looking for a few brave souls to join the game as either Yankees from the infantry or artillery or Rus peasants who are ready to fight for their freedom.  The home brewed rules are simple and you do not need to know anything about the books this game is based on.  If this sounds like a story you want to be a part of, send your RTJ today!
 member, 70 posts
Fri 9 Oct 2020
at 15:16
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Tonight the Yankees vote!

Will they stay and fight with their new Rus allies against the coming horde?  Or will they leave, build their strength and come back in 20 years?

We have vacancies for Yankee riflemen, artillerymen and Rus peasants.  Heroes only need apply, there is no room here for shirkers and cowards!  Send your RTJ today and save the people of Valennia!
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Sat 24 Oct 2020
at 10:24
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
The peasant have revolted and overthrown their noble rulers with the help of the Yankees from the 35th Maine.

Now the Tugar are coming, the horde will not allow the people of Rus to rebel against the natural order of this alien world.

The Yankees plan to train the Rus peasants, build a modern army and face down the Tugar horde with muskets and canons and Yankee ingenuity and they need all the help they can muster.

Are you up to the task of raising a civilization from out of the middle ages to fight for their freedom?
 member, 82 posts
Tue 17 Nov 2020
at 04:16
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
The Lost Regiment needs you!

Recruits wanted for infantry regiments and artillery battery's for the Rus Army to fight the Tugar.  There are also vacancies in the 35th Maine Infantry and the 44th New York Light Artillery.

Are you ready to fight for Freedom?  Then send your RTJ today!
 member, 88 posts
Thu 24 Dec 2020
at 09:11
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
New players wanted to adopt some orphaned characters.

We have a wide selection of infantry, medics, sailors and artillerymen with a variety of skills and experience.

Or you can generate a brand new character to join the adventure as the men of the 35th Maine and the 44th New York Light Artillery prepare to defend their new allies, the people of Rus, from the coming hordes of the man-eating Tugar!
 member, 93 posts
Tue 12 Jan 2021
at 06:03
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Bump!!!  Let's see if that works :)
 member, 100 posts
Wed 20 Jan 2021
at 07:43
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Players wanted for new characters or you can adopt abandoned characters!!!
 member, 111 posts
Wed 10 Feb 2021
at 20:09
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Every day that passes is another day closer that the Tugar horde approaches but how long do our heroes have before Armageddon arrives?

The people of Rus need you!!!
 member, 113 posts
Wed 3 Mar 2021
at 03:06
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
The Army of the Rus wants you!

Come and defend Suzdal against the coming Tugar Horde, the Yankees are building a new army to resist the man-eating hordes!
 member, 115 posts
Wed 7 Apr 2021
at 13:14
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Behind enemy lines, our heroes are fighting to get back home and finish preparations to fight the coming Tugar Horde!
 member, 116 posts
Thu 22 Apr 2021
at 01:23
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Wanted: Yankee soldiers & Rus volunteers

War with the Tugars is approaching, there is going to be lot's of action in the coming weeks and months.  Whether you enjoy role playing individual characters or if you are into large scale, war gaming type scenarios, there will be something for players here.

Teach the Rus how to use their new muskets and cannons to fight the horse mounted, man eating, mongol-like enemy and free themselves from oppression.

New players can create new characters or you can adopt existing orphaned characters with a few extra skills, whatever suits you.  We have fighters, medics and engineers now available. Send your RTJ now and join the action!
 member, 119 posts
Tue 4 May 2021
at 08:56
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
The patrol has returned to Suzdal where the Army of Rus is being trained, factories and railroads are being built and new weapons are being made in preparation for the war with the Tugar.

More brave souls are needed for the coming war, the Army of Rus wants you!

What we need most are riflemen and artillerymen (Yankees & Rus) who have aspirations of promotion but there is also room for medics, engineers and sailors.
 member, 133 posts
Fri 11 Jun 2021
at 03:56
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
  Players wanted to adopt existing 'orphaned characters' or you can generate your own new character to take part in the coming Tugar War.  Send your RTJ for more details.
 member, 138 posts
Fri 2 Jul 2021
at 07:50
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Vacancies available for new players or adopting orphaned characters.  The first major skirmish of the Tugar War was an astounding victory.  It won't be anywhere near as easy next time!
 member, 141 posts
Fri 9 Jul 2021
at 12:00
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Due to a retirement of one of the starting group of players there are now a couple of characters available for adoption with higher than usual skills.  An experienced soldier who has been on the outer with most other characters is now at a point in the story where he can either abandon his countrymen or begin on the path of redemption and help save the world!
 member, 143 posts
Tue 20 Jul 2021
at 07:11
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
The Battle of The Ford is about to begin.  The Army of Suzdal is going to need a few good men and probably a medic or two :)  Enlist today!
 member, 148 posts
Thu 12 Aug 2021
at 03:03
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Wanted: Players interested in war gaming and role playing.  The game is in a heavy combat mode at the moment.  There are also opportunities for medics as well as combat personnel.
 member, 153 posts
Sun 29 Aug 2021
at 03:58
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Company Commanders are needed to defend the Neiper River defensive line.  The Horde are coming and experienced leaders are in need for the new Rus peasant companys that have been recruited to defend Suzdal against the invading beasts!

Volunteer today!
 member, 166 posts
Sat 18 Sep 2021
at 10:40
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Reinforcements are needed to join the war against the Tugars!
 member, 170 posts
Wed 6 Oct 2021
at 19:06
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
This campaign combines traditional role playing as well as war gaming.  Players are members of a Union regiment fighting man eating aliens on another world also inhabited by medieval Russians!
 member, 174 posts
Sat 16 Oct 2021
at 07:42
The Lost Regiment - Victory Or Death
Bumpity Bump!
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