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Wed 3 Jun 2020
at 07:36
Citizens of Port Loren - A Star Frontiers Campaign
Port Loren is the capital of Prenglar in the Gran Quivera system.  The capital of the the most populous planet in the hub system for the entire Frontier.  In the words of the old holo-music-video star, "If you can't make it here, then you can't make it anywhere!"

Dreamers, explorers and adventurers from all four races travel to the bustling hub of The Frontier in search of wealth, glory and opportunity.  Humans, Dralasites, Vrusks and Yazirians rub shoulders on the streets of Port Loren.  The city is a melting pot of cultures from all the worlds of The Frontier.  All the Megacorps have offices here as well as UPF Head Quarters as well as less savory organizations.

No matter what a sentient creature is seeking it can almost certainly be found in Port Loren if you look hard enough and know what yo are looking for.  More often than not, it is trouble!

So if you are looking for adventure in the Star Frontiers Universe, then this is the place to start...

Veteran Start Frontiers players as well as newcomers, all are welcome to join our merry band, create characters and join the discussion about what types of adventures you are looking for.

Welcome to The Frontier Citizen!
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Wed 10 Jun 2020
at 12:53
Citizens of Port Loren - A Star Frontiers Campaign
So what does an off duty Star Frontiers adventurer do in their down time?

Are you looking for somewhere to park your character in between adventures?

Or maybe you want to create a new character and spend a few months earning an income before people start shooting at you?  Why settle for a Standard Equipment Pack when you can spend a month or two working a legitimate job and buy some decent gear before putting your neck on the line?

Maybe you don't want to go adventuring at all, just spend your time cruising the streets of Down Town Port Loren, looking for trouble or waiting for trouble to find you?

"Citizens of Port Loren" is not just a Star Frontiers adventure, it's a campaign setting for all manner of Star Frontiers players...

Send an RTJ to find out more.
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Thu 18 Jun 2020
at 09:49
Citizens of Port Loren - A Star Frontiers Campaign
Citizens of the Frontier, welcome to Port Loren.

Join an interstellar mercenary company, travel the Frontier, meet lot's of interesting beings and kill them.  Or at least stop them from killing you!

Not your thing?  Maybe you are a tech-head who likes to build things, break things, hack things or robotize things?  The MegaCorps or Star Law or UPF Fleet need tech- heads as well.

Or maybe you're one of those sciencey, doctorey kinda folk?  Always need those eccentric geniuses to come up with the whacky plan to save the universe by blowing up a nuke inside a black hole or some such.

It's the 1980's, Star Wars and Star Trek have TV and movies but they don't have RPG's yet.  But we had Star Frontiers!

If you are up for some classic 80's style Sci-Fi RPG then come join the Citizens of Port Loren.
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Fri 26 Jun 2020
at 13:25
Citizens of Port Loren - A Star Frontiers Campaign
  The blue tipped winged ripper is an extremely rare sight in the wilds of Gran Quivera, particularly since it is not a native species of Gran Quivera.  Several years back a group of animal activists broke into the Port Loren Zoo and released a number of animals into the wild.  While many of the escapees were recaptured, there were several species that managed to evade capture and have managed to survive in the wilderness around the city.
  The Port Loren Zoo now offers a bounty for any escaped animals or their offspring that can be returned to the Zoo in safe condition.  There are also severe penalties for citizens found to needlessly cause injury or death to these same animals.
  This is perhaps not the traditional kind of adventure that those attracted to Port Loren may crave but it is just another example of the opportunities available in the hub of the Frontier.  Not all adventures are in deep space!
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Mon 6 Jul 2020
at 09:52
Citizens of Port Loren - A Star Frontiers Campaign
Despite the cheap holonovel plots about giant hydras escaping from the zoo and wreaking havoc in the streets of downtown Port Loren, it's never really happened.  True, the silver hydra of Gran Quivera is one of the planet's more exotic creatures and they are quite rare in the wild now.  The largest recorded specimens in recent history have never exceeded perhaps 8 meters in length.  There have been rumours and legends of individuals even bigger again but no recent evidence to support such claims.


  Meanwhile in the back hills, east of Port Loren, a group of adventurers wade through a sodden, swampy marshland.  Most of them are foreigners and know little about the local fauna and what they are about to stumble across.

  After traveling about 30 minutes on foot through the swamp, the team are making reasonable time when what seemed to be a large mound of vegetation along the right side of their track, suddenly rises up, several meters high.
  As the vegetation falls away it reveals a massive, silvery coloured creature, more than 10 meters long and at the end closest to the front of the column, it has multiple branches extending from the main trunk.  Each branch has what looks like a mouth surrounded by clusters of prehensile limbs.  There appear to be almost a dozen of these limbs/mouths.
  Even as the team leap into action, darts begin shooting from the mouths of each branch, or is it a head?


Classic Star Frontiers action, come and join the fun!
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Thu 23 Jul 2020
at 12:19
Citizens of Port Loren - A Star Frontiers Campaign
  Over the years Starplay Enterprises have built a reputation for being the number one entertainment corporation in the Frontier.  Their corporate tentacles reach into every aspect of the entertainment industry across the entire Frontier.  No system or planet or moon is free of their influence.
  Although their headquarters are in Maze, on Minotaur in the Theseus system, their current crowning achievement is a massive immersive entertainment complex on Prenglar in the Gran Quivera system.  250 kilometers from the capital, the privacy of their guests is paramount and Starplay employ a sizeable security force to ensure their resort is not compromised.
  Fantasy World is the name of the resort and while initially catering only to the very wealthy, in recent years they have been expanding their target demographic so that the regularly wealthy can now afford to experience at least some parts of the resort.
  Positions at Fantasy World are highly sought after, so when the latest advertisements announced vacancies at their flagship resort, there was no shortage of applicants.  This time however Starplay are not looking for hospitality staff or security experts or technical staff.  They are looking for a team of investigators with a very broad set of skills than can work together as a team in a difficult environment.
  Interviews for potential candidates will begin in another tenday at their offices above the Holo Theatre in Port Loren and are expected to take an entire tenday.

To book your appointment, send your RTJ ASAP
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Fri 31 Jul 2020
at 15:42
Citizens of Port Loren - A Star Frontiers Campaign
News reports late this afternoon have confirmed the discovery of the Hepplewhite Inc transport vessel which has crashed in the mountains east of the city of Port Loren.  There were several fatalities among the crew and the rescue party themselves were set upon several times by local fauna during their search and rescue mission.

The Port Loren Zoo has also reportedly sent a team to a nearby location where it seems a huge specimen of the famous Silver Hydra has been located, potentially the largest member of this species on record.  It is rumored the rescue team were also attacked by a flock of the rare, blue-tipped winged rippers.

In other news, the Frontier Football League kicks off again this season with the White Light Knights taking on last years premiers, Madderly's Maulers in the season opener.


Welcome to Citizens of Port Loren - A Star Frontiers Campaign
Jess Car ee
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Fri 31 Jul 2020
at 16:23
Citizens of Port Loren - A Star Frontiers Campaign
I want
to play a Humma
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