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Tue 30 Jun 2020
at 04:54
DnD 5E Theros
A score of days ago, the messengers left from Meletis running along the many roads to all three Poleis. They carried a call to adventure, a need of heroes, prophecy of tragedy approaching Natumbria. This message coming from Demias, one of the Twelve, has attracted your attention. You may seek the favor of one of the most powerful members of Meletian society. You may seek the promised gold. You may believe you have a part in that prophecy. You may be on a mission from the gods. Or perhaps you just want the opportunity for adventure. Whatever reason you heeded the call, this is now your tale.

In this campaign we will be using the Mythic Odysseys of Theros the newest supplement which has been digitally published and will get a print release on the 21st. It is the second, DnD campaign set in the Magic the Gathering multiverse.

If you would be interested in joining a fantasy analog to Greece/Rome, stop by to RTJ.
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Game: DnD 5E - Acquisitions through the Kitchen Door.
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