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Thu 30 Jul 2020
at 11:55
Shonen Anime Roleplaying!
Essence is the innate power of the human soul. Everyone has an Essence, though very few people ever learn of its existence, and even fewer learn how to unleash it. Each Essence is unique, reflecting an individual’s innermost personality, granting them power well beyond the norm. A shy and guarded person might be able to shrug off tank shells upon releasing their Essence, while an angry person might channel their Essence into an enormous warhammer.  Essence can only be unleashed by intense stress, such as that felt during a life-or-death moment. As such many will discover their powers too late to make use of them.

The ability to unleash Essence is tied to another ability: The ability to perceive Karasu. Karasu are dark spirits that feed on negative emotions. Each Karasu attempts to drive humans to feel the emotion that they are associated with, gaining power as they do so. As humans are typically unable to perceive Karasu they are helpless to defend themselves from their predation.

Essence Guardians are those that use their unleashed Essence to protect humanity from the rapacity of the Karasu, fighting to keep their communities safe from this invisible threat. They hunt these vile creatures, attempting to defeat them before their power grows to an unmanageable level.

Seisho High School, on the outskirts of Fumei town, is soon to meet one of these powerful Karasu, an entity that has been biding its time until it can unleash its true power and reap the pain that it so desperately wishes to feed on. This attack may just create the Essence Guardians that will become the creature’s downfall…

The players in this game will take on the roles of ordinary high-school students who suddenly acquire extra-ordinary powers! Channel your inner shonen anime character, similar to those in Bleach, Soul Eater, or O-Parts Hunter. Channel your personality into powerful and unique magical abilities or weapons and fight evil forces in your small town!

The game will be run using OVA: The Anime Roleplaying Game, a fairly simple (if somewhat front loaded) system designed to simulate the anime you love! No experience with the system is required, just creativity and passion!

If this sounds up your street please send in an RTJ with a brief character backstory and your proposed Essence. Your Essence should be an interesting and unique ability based (in some small way at least) on a facet of your personality.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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