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Sorry, better luck next time.
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Thu 30 Jul 2020
at 16:16
New GM looking for a party - D&D5e
At the south of Sword Coast, A plague ravages the city of Embervein. This city, which is the economic center of the region, is being brought to ruin. One of his rulers, Qinlen, sent an emissary after people he considers exceptional, whose some deeds, have reached his ears. Are you one of those people?

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Fri 31 Jul 2020
at 07:31
New GM looking for a party
I've just registered and am a beginner to D&D.
I'll be glad to join if you'll have me :)
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Sun 2 Aug 2020
at 02:19
New GM looking for a party
Just submitted a RTJ, also if you have any questions new to RPOL let me know. I've only been on here a couple years but have run a couple games and played in many more. By no mean expert though.
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Sun 2 Aug 2020
at 20:21
New GM looking for a party
Heya, welcome to RolePlay onLine!  I submitted an RTJ, too.