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Wed 16 Sep 2020
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Pokemon Mythic
The Cadien region has long been the bogeyman of the Pokémon world. Isolationist, belligerent, and getting involved in most major wars, they are usually considered the 'bad guys' of the world.

That began to change after the Kanto conflict. A new political party rose to power, and as part of the peace settlement, they agreed to open their frontier to hopeful trainer wishing to challenge the Cadien League.

Now, as September comes around, a group of young trainers are preparing to embark on their journey in this new region! But is everything as it seems? Are other regions taking advantage of the event to spy on Cadien? Or is the old Cadien regime planning something behind the scenes?

Other trainers have begun exploring the region. Will you join them?

RULESET: The game uses the Mythic RPG system. Familiarity with the system is not necessary to join the game, and is simple enough to understand with minimal explanation. However, it is the first time I run a game with these rules. So some experimentation will take place during play.
I will take inspirations from the Pokemon Tabletop United RPG, but the focus of Mythic is not about number crunching. Players won't be counting how many potions they have, or the exact amount of Pokedollar they've won.
Also, the Mythic system encourages improvisation and plot twists, both for the players and the GM. As such, the direction of the game isn't set in stone, and I'm fully expecting to be surprised by where the story goes.

SETTING: The overall tone of the game is inspired more by the cartoon than the video games, with the League being a competition and not just an attempt to become 'the Champion'.
Players are officially trainers, and will be expected to visit the various gyms to earn badges, and compete in the tournament. What other objectives the players may have, and how they try to achieve them, is up to them.

FINAL NOTES: I'm flexible, but I would like players to post at least twice a week. To speed up combat, players should describe their Pokémon's combat strategy instead of giving orders each rounds.
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