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 member, 3 posts
Sun 20 Sep 2020
at 07:29
A Song of Storms
The Storm King reigns over Stormlands and Riverlands alike.

For three hundred years the Durrandon Storm Kings have reigned over the Rivermen, since casting down the sellsword kings of House Teague.

For three hundred years the Rivermen have bent the knee to foreign rule, as their taxes fill the distant coffers of Storm's End.

For three hundred years the treacherous Blackwoods, who enabled the Durrandon conquest at the expense of Rivermen and the Faithful of the Seven alike, have flourished.

Lord Lothar Bracken bides his time, knowing that the power of foreign rule and heathen magics cannot be challenged lightly. He bolsters his forces and bannermen and searches for allies amidst a forest of vipers and turncloaks.

As an early disclosure, I am still becoming familiar with the RPOL Gming tools.

This game will be played using the ASOIAFRP system, with a series of clearly identified modifications based on recommendations from players and my own experience.

I will be collaborating with players in the creation of house and characters. Players will share a connection to a Home House which serves as a vassal to House Bracken of Stone Hedge.

The game will feature Intrigue, Combat, and a range of challenges including Hunts, Feasts, Tournaments, and War.

This game is designed chiefly for experienced players [though not necessarily veterans], and character injury and death is likely and inevitable.

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 member, 5 posts
Wed 23 Sep 2020
at 02:40
A Song of Storms
This game is still open to accepting up to three new players, and we have only just begun to construct the Home House, so prospective players are more than welcome to apply.
 member, 6 posts
Sat 24 Oct 2020
at 04:44
A Song of Storms
This game is still accepting new applications, preferably in the role of squires or lowborn retainers of the house.

We are entering a prologue stage, so time is of the essence.
 member, 8 posts
Thu 3 Dec 2020
at 10:38
A Song of Storms
A couple of positions have opened up, either for those willing to take on an existing cousin of the house, or to generate a new character. House creation is done, but we are very much still introducing new characters, so now would be an excellent time to express interest.
 member, 9 posts
Sat 1 May 2021
at 02:47
A Song of Storms
A couple of positions have once again opened up.

A phenomenal amount of creativity has helped to generate House Blackfin and a few keystone members, but now is a great time for new players to join, as we are just about to see the house engage with their first major challenge - a noble hunt!
Frozen Fajita
 member, 2 posts
Sat 1 May 2021
at 05:52
A Song of Storms
In reply to Wymmerdann (msg # 5):

I liked what I read about the game, and it looks like you have a good core group.

I read through the OOC channels you have there and lightly skimmed the RP as well, and I'm interested in applying for one of your spots. This would be my first time playing though (although I've read through the rules a time or two before).

I see you're hoping for experienced players in the RTJ, so should I apply or keep looking for something more directed towards newbies?
 member, 10 posts
Sun 2 May 2021
at 10:58
A Song of Storms
In reply to Frozen Fajita (msg # 6):

Thanks for the application! the game isn't closed to beginners, but I don't want players to be surprised if they're expected to understand the mechanics of the system of the game we are using [with support]. We're all still learning, and I intend to support my players, I just don't want anyone to be uncomfortable. Cheers!
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