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 i knit so
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Sat 10 Oct 2020
at 23:32
Are you a warrior? perhaps you are looking for a new home?
Come be a member of the team

Lets go on an adventure

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 i knit so
 i dont kill people
Sat 17 Oct 2020
at 23:34
Come join our adventure!!
One day you are walking along, doing whatever it is you do. Up head there is a shimmer. Like heat waves of a fire. It gets bigger. It starts to glow. You are mesmerized. You find you can move, you don't want to. It's gets bigger still. Your heart rate increases, you breathing faster. You can't help but think "What is the wondrous thing" it is still growing. the glowing brighter, and brighter. You can barely see. As the shimmering light grows it touches you. A warmth like the sun in early spring. It tingles. It encompasses you slowly, completely. Then nothing but darkness.

This is not meant to be PvP, but I'm not against it either

Wake up.

Your head is pounding.

You dont even remember falling asleep.

Where is this place?

You cant even remember who you are.

It is dark. It is damp. You lie apon a stone like surface. The space sounds hollow, empty. Slowly driping water echos.

mostly i just want to go on an adventure. lets build this together.

Characters needed:
support for either team
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Mon 19 Oct 2020
at 13:35
Come join our adventure!!
In reply to Fireball30 (msg # 1):

What are your preferences/requirements of your campaign? I am very new to this site, and I would like to start learning.
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 i knit so
 i dont kill people
Sat 24 Oct 2020
at 23:47
Do you want to go on a simple adventure?
beginners welcome.

we are just getting started.

you can be just about anything you want. just keep it simple.
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