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Sat 17 Oct 2020
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Forgotten Galaxies -- Epic Sci-Fantasy Looking for Players!
The Galaxy is a big place, lots of space to get lost in. With the Alliance of Unified Planets (the Alliance) and the Zenathi Empire (the Empire) tearing the galaxy apart trying to gain power and wealth enough to squash the other into star dust... some times getting lost deep in the outer rim isn't such a bad idea. But getting lost ain't gonna keep food and water in your belly, air in your lungs, or a cozy bunk waiting for you at the end of your shift.

You are a crewmember of the Star Shadow, one of the last of the old Gartarian light freighters, on a salvage operation working under the contract of Eremin Enderbottom. Enderbottom is a shrewd Halfling spacer but he's always shot straight with you and he's always good for the credits he owes you. Enderbottom and his Gnomish engineer, Inassa, keep the Star Shadow flying straight and steady. But living out on the edge, dodging pirates and Orc pillagers isn't the life for an aging halfling and Enderbottom's looking to pack in his blaster pistol for a fancy umbrella drink on a nice tropical beach world somewhere. For most that might just be a pipe dream, but Enderbottom's just gotten a tip from an old friend of his that there's a fat little cargo ship stranded, orbiting a small moon until it's evacuated crew can return to tow her home. Is it piracy? Technically. But the credits the crew could get for this job will be enough to finally pay off the Star Shadow, payout the crew, and afford Eremin and Inassa their easy retirement.
Forgotten Galaxies is a mishmash of some of my favorite fantasy and sci-fi tropes. It's basically what might happen if D&D and Star Wars had an ill begotten lovechild. If you are looking for more info the Forgotten Galaxies Wiki would be a good place to start.

I will warn you, the game does use a Homebrewed Frankenstein of DragonAGE, FantasyAGE, and the Expanse RPG; all using the Adventure Game Engine (AGE) and licensed by Green Ronin Publishing. But if you aren't familiar with the system don't let that turn you off the game. I've made HEAVY modifications to the system and it wouldn't be the first time I've introduced a new group of players to the system.

So if you're looking for awesome, deep space magic and monsters and adventure, look no further that the Forgotten Galaxies!
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