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Mon 11 Jan 2021
at 18:25
Help me Build Evil NPCs and Monsters
Do you love building Characters, but only get to play one or two at a time?
Would you love to build an Evil party of NPCs, maybe with some monster henchmen?

Then I need your help!

I don't need players for my game but I could really use some help developing more difficult and in-depth encounters for my players.

I've got a D&D/Pathfinder game with characters who are now levels 10-12 and they are REALLY well optimized. I'm having a hard time challenging them. I've read tons of articles on adding class levels, changing terrain, multiple waves of enemies, bosses with underlings, and the like. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time pulling all that together.

If you really enjoy building fights, would you be interesting in collaborating with me?
Help me design evil NPCs to throw against my players?
Help me build battle fields on, or just give me the ideas and I'll make them.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Maybe we could even make a new thread with all the tips, NPCs, maps, etc. to aid others?
Wait... something like that doesn't already exist does it?!
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