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Tue 26 Jan 2021
at 10:16
Tamriel: Rebuilding the Empire
The Second Era is nearing its end. In the wake of the Alliance War and the Interregnum, General Talos, renamed Tiber Septim after his coronation, has risen to power and almost managed to unite the once-fragmented continent under his rule. After centuries of instability, the civilized folks of Tamriel yearn for peace and prosperity. From the bustling port city of Leyawiin, new heroes rise to etch their mark on the stonework of Destiny.  Will you assist the Empire on its ascension to glory, or will you work to precipitate its fall?

The game takes place in the setting of the Elder Scrolls game series and will be open-world and player-driven. I plan to alternate classical adventuring and open sessions where players develop their own ideas.

I will use D&D 5 rules, slightly modified to reflect the universe. Knowledge of the setting is welcome but not mandatory.

I expect players to post around 5-10 posts (real posts, in addition to any eventual one-liners) per week.

EDIT: 27.01.21, we are full for the moment, but drop me a message if you want to lurk.

EDIT: 22.02.21, please read the public posts before asking questions, you will find lots of answers there.

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Sat 20 Feb 2021
at 18:38
Tamriel: Rebuilding the Empire
We have lost a player during the introduction (everybody's still level 1), so feel free to drop by and leave a RTJ if you are interested. The current party consists of:

Redguard warrior
Redguard bard
Altmer rogue
Breton wizard

Depending on the RTJ quality I will add 1-2 new players to the game.
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 Jesus Loves You
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Sat 20 Feb 2021
at 23:43
Tamriel: Rebuilding the Empire
Not that any 5e game needs further advertisement, but I want to let players know that I'm in the game, so that should boost the quantity/quality of RTJs immensely. :)
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Sun 21 Feb 2021
at 06:36
Tamriel: Rebuilding the Empire
Hello! Still looking for a new player? If so, what's races/classes are available?
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