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 member, 115 posts
Fri 5 Mar 2021
at 18:42
Children of the Jade Sun
Rokugan is a land of mystery with intense samurai action and mystical beasts hiding in its shadows. It is a land where words can be as strong as steel and people live and die for honor. A single misplaced word can ruin the legacy of an entire bloodline and jigoku remains a looming threat over the lands....

But those are the concerns of the adults! There is another perspective of Rokugan, those who actually live their lives there-- those who are not in charge of clans of thousands of people-- right now, they are barely in charge of their pet goldfish. And it is their story we are focusing on today...

While Otosan Uchi doesn't experience nearly as much crime as one would expect of a city of its size-- there are still a lot of things that need to be looked into that fall below the notice of the magistrates.

Is your cat missing? Did someone steal your favorite top? Has someone seen ghosts in the school?

The Children's Investigators are here to help! They will not give up until the mystery has been solved. Here you will play out the tale of one of the Children's Investigators, trying to solve the mystery of the Cucumber Thief during their afterschool hours.

Who is behind the mysterious thefts of cucumbers-- and what mysteries will unmasking this dastardly culprit lead to?


For those of who familiar with L5R, this is a chance to play around in a world ever-so-slightly different from the normal setting while still being familiar enough to get your head around-- and, better yet, from a perspective you have never explored.

For those unfamiliar with the Rokugan setting-- this might be even better even better as an introduction to the concept, starting mostly ignorant of the culture and norms is both understandable and expected--- unlike horror stories you might have heard of L5R players who look for any possible excuse to PvP over the slightest misunderstanding of the setting, there is no possible way for players to engage in such a thing.

Instead, I want people to enjoy some semblance of Japanese mythology from the PoV of those young enough to really enjoy and engage in such situations without having easy violent solutions. I really want to push towards more social characters who are interested in unraveling mysteries.

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 member, 116 posts
Sat 20 Mar 2021
at 16:40
Children of the Jade Sun
I have a decent number of characters now-- but I don't really have a set limit.

No one is playing Crane, Dragon or Mantis-- and I could certainly use an additional Owl Clan character as they are the primary residents of the setting.
 member, 57 posts
Mon 22 Mar 2021
at 22:26
Children of the Jade Sun
Which version of the rules are you using?
 member, 117 posts
Thu 10 Jun 2021
at 21:04
Children of the Jade Sun
We have had a few players drop off and could really use some new players who might be interested. This would be a good point in the story to join.
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