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 member, 54 posts
Sat 20 Mar 2021
at 21:44
[Adult] Survival Freeform
This note this is an ADULT freeform game

February 2020 under the guise of a growing economy the United States Government expanded Project Rebirth, an enterprise they had launched some time ago with a private Bio-Tech firm to explore the possibility of altering the behavior of soldiers.  Private enterprise wasn’t bound by the same regulations the government labs were, and by cutting out much the red tape they would be able to study the impacts on the human brain in ways government agencies never could.  The project showed great promise until – something went wrong.

Practically overnight the stock market plummeted, and the highly fragile supply chains and infrastructure began to crumble.  As remnants of the escaped experiment began to spread amongst the confusion, brutal rioting and looting began to grip major metropolitan areas; New York, Chicago, Los Angeles were among the first hit.  Next came the suburbs….By the time the government stepped in the collapse had already begun, and it struggled to regain control.  With international trade nearly non-existent and the world economy in ruins; nations and people were left to fend for themselves.

Some said the government’s response was too late and to ineffective; FEMA camps, aid distribution centers and in some areas martial law…and in same areas the reports of atrocities were almost worse than the chaos itself...

This unfamiliar environment has left no one untouched, but as always life most go on.  In the Southwestern United States, just like everywhere else individuals hope to survive.  Will you be one of...



The Survivors is a free-form, zombie survival RP set in the Southwestern United States during the early days of a collapse caused by a strange new disease (zombies) and the resulting economic chaos. You will play as people struggling to navigate an emerging new world slowly filling with mindless undead, as well as other horrors and atrocities.

We are looking for a couple good players and can help if you aren’t sure where to start!

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 member, 56 posts
Wed 24 Mar 2021
at 22:46
[Adult] Survival Freeform
Bump, still looking!
 member, 58 posts
Wed 31 Mar 2021
at 15:48
[Adult] Survival Freeform
Happy to take on a couple more character for this excellent story driven plot!
 member, 59 posts
Wed 7 Apr 2021
at 17:22
[Adult] Survival Freeform
We are still welcoming new players to our excellent plot, the characters are just starting to get a feeling for the apocalypse!
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