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Mon 7 Jun 2021
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[CLOSED] The Bloodstone Lands - A DnD 5e FR Campaign
Damara. 1383 DR
The Year of Unjust Rewards, Era of Upheaval

Thirty years ago, the hero Gareth Dragonsbane was crowned King of Damara shortly after his victory over Zhengyi, the Witch-King of Castle Perilous in Vaasa. In the following decades King Dragonsbane focused on building his new kingdom's economy and on fortifying Bloodstone Pass, the main point of travel between the two nations. Now approaching his twilight years, the King has elected to absorb Vaasa into his kingdom in an attempt to expand his rule and tame the wildlands of frozen moors and tundra. Thus, the Bloodstone Lands was born. The capital of the new nation was established in Bloodstone Village, renamed as Bloodstone City, and the realm began to be referred to as Bloodstone.

The Bloodstone Lands receives its name from bloodstone, a precious gem mined throughout the region and with which the icy northern nation used to establish itself as a major power in Faerun. Mining expeditions in recent years have been abundant and many hundreds of small abandoned camps and hamlets litter the mountains, remnants of failed expeditions from pioneers seeking their fortune.

In the truly inhospitable climate only the strong survive and only the strongest thrive. Fierce creatures roam the tundra and hunt for lone travellers, tribes of goblinoids inhabit the mountains and raid the small hamlets and mining camps. Whispers of dragons have recently reached the major settlements, causing panic among those who travel the land.

Whether from exile, birth or a drive for new ventures this is where our story begins for our band of young adventurers.

Introducing The Bloodstone Lands - A Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition Forgotten Realms Campaign.

Players start their characters at second level. Newly forged adventurers trying to thive in the harsh climates of the cold Bloodstone lands.

Are the increases in goblinoid raids directed by a more sinister power?

Can a new adventuring party survive the climate and creatures of the frozen north?

Or will the harsh envonment claim yet another band of intrepid explorers?

Applications are currently closed.

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